10 Things I Love And Hate About Getting A New Tattoo

Hey Guy’s !

In today’s video I go through 5 things I love about getting a new tattoo and 5 things I hate about getting a new tattoo !

Comment down below some things you love and hate about getting a new tattoo!


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20 thoughts on “10 Things I Love And Hate About Getting A New Tattoo

  1. I cannot stand the smell of my tattoo shop! My husband came home from a session and I couldn't wait until he showered. I think I just associate the smell with pain now. The other thing I don't like about getting a tattoo is I get the chills as well. I got one done at a convention at a hotel a few months ago and went to get a coffee and was shaking like a crazy person while standing in line. I need to finish my sleeve and have been nervous about doing the inner part of my upper arm and you're pumping me up to finish!

  2. The #1 thing I hate about getting a new tattoo has to be the damn healing process. Constantly looking after it and not being able to scratch that god awful itch..

  3. Love: getting a peak in the mirror during and after the session and the realization that your art is permanent now!
    Hate: the lidocaine spray down/wipe down – It feels like a blow torch!

  4. What I love:
    Seeing the design they came up with for the first time.
    looking as the needle go into the skin and lines, shading, colors appearing.
    Unlike you, I like the cold feeling.
    When they put the ointment on before wrapping you up.
    As weird as it may sound, the slimy texture you get the first couple of times you wash your new tattoo.
    Putting on ointment when it's a bit dry and then it's all hydrated again.
    When it starts to peel.

    What I hate: The amount of time I have to save up to get a big piece cause I'm way too excited to get it.
    When they put the stencil on you.
    When they wipe off the excess ink and blood.
    The cellophane.
    How bad I swell up (especially for my thigh piece) and how clothes feel against freshly tattooed skin.
    The itching.
    How sensitive it is for a couple of weeks after it's done peeling.

    But over all, I love tattoos so much that I won't stop :).

  5. I sat for 6 hours yesterday getting a portrait of my dog. I also hated the wipe down at the end. At first it felt cool as my skin, like yours, had swollen up and was red as hell. But when he rubbed it i nearly went through the ceiling lol. Obviously I love the end result, but I hate it when it got to the 5 and a half hour mark and I started trembling a bit, and went cold. My tattooist seemed to understand without me saying anything about it, cos he put the heating on, and it was one of the hottest days of the year. But my arm today feels like I've been punched. But you pay for art. And it is worth it.

  6. It might sound weird but I like the pain of getting. A new tattoo. And fucking head. The healing process. The itching is the worst part

  7. There's only one thing I hate: when tattooists are rude and don't even try to be nice – I do not expect them to talk to me a lot, I just expect the minimum amount of politeness and a smile – although I do understand that anyone can have a rough day at work!
    Anyways… I do love the wiping and the alcohol thing they spray on the skin: it's sooo refreshing! And I love watching (when/if possible, of course!) the needles inking my body! And I'm kind of addicted to the feeling after it's done: when you get out of the parlour, and you still have a bit of "adrenaline rush" – I can't quite describe it. But I really find tattoos addictive: anytime I get one, I want another one straight away. And the anticipation to the next one is also enjoyable; I'd spend days, or weeks longing for the new appointment and imagining my new tattoo! Oh, and I totally agree on the smell of the tattoo shops!

  8. I think I'm the only person I've met that's not bothered by the itching. I have a skin condition called ezcema so basically I'm chronically itchy.. so the tattoo wasn't really any different.. There wasn't really a "hate" part for me either.. I guess I just need like 10 more tattoos before I can decide what I hate haha.

  9. I have a love-hate relationship with the healing process. On the one hand, it's annoying that you have to be super careful with that part of your body for the next 2 weeks, no sunlight, no pressure on that part, making sure the water doesn't directly hit the tattoo when showering, carefully using aftercare products etc. But on the other hand, every time you clean the tattoo, some of the gunk and scarring comes off and you can see a smooth part of skin with a tattoo in it, and it's so exciting. It makes it all worth it.

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