3 Things NOT to Do during Active Duty Services

3 Things NOT to Do during Active Duty Services
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Can Marines Get Tattoos| USMC

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In this video, I talk about 3 Things NOT to Do during Active Duty Services. Essentially, I talk about how getting tattoos out of Marine Corps Orders, drinking and driving and domestic violence can affect your career as a United States Marines. These are three issues that seem to affect many young military members. Unfortunately, it is very hard to recover from these issues and they can impact your military career negatively. Please join me in the comment section below. Thanks for watching and God Bless!



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20 thoughts on “3 Things NOT to Do during Active Duty Services

  1. Also don't become delinquent on your exchange bill or credit cards, believe it or not especially when becoming sergeant and applying for secret clearance this can hurt your career or may loose a chance to promote.

  2. had a friend that did all 3 , basically he got an other than honorable discharge and he can't reenlist .

  3. Hey brother! You forgot one more, and that is, never, never, be late at a formation, or at a place that you were ordered to be at, remember the 15 min prior? They always say that, but I learned it the hard way as a lance corporal, so what I did was, to arrive to formation way early, wich in fact, the staff loved it, been there at least 20 mins early, also, never fall to sleep on post, I saw many marines getting in lots of trouble for that one, and it's amazing how they keep track of everything…

  4. I knew a Marine who had 18 years in the Corp, he started messing around with another marines wife, he was discharged on a honors violation. Good video, Hey gang give ole jarhead a thumbs up here.

  5. Sage advice! Now if we can just get these young military personnel to listen, and take heed. Great video, thanks for putting it up.

  6. So true and so sad…DWI…Domestic Abuse…and I would say Debt. Those were the worst downfalls. Find a freaking hobby…go to school…stay out of the bars!!! Save yourself some money and don't get sucked into the highschool bs of I date hotter girls than you lol.

    Be smart and take care of your future! Great vid and point bruh…probably one that will help more people than all the gun ones in the world.

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