5 thoughts on “ASMR Request – Show and Tell Tattoo Supplies – Softly Spoken

  1. wow my sweeeet friend. i loved this. am into all thing tattoo. i have a few
    lol brilliant vid. hugs xxxxx soooo calming 

  2. I didn’t know you were a tattoo artist Cindy. I haven’t got a single tattoo
    but i want to get a Marilyn Monroe mole.

  3. That was awesome 🙂 thanks! I loved it, hope packing is going well and that
    you have a safe move to California. Looking forward to hearing about how
    the move went. This video made me really happy haha im in the middle of
    midterms right now so seeing this video really was a treat. And im honored
    you called me a friend 🙂 

  4. Oh my goodness golly gosh I love here sounds. Would you do a tattoo showing
    vid? I would find that relaxing and cool to watch 

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