25 thoughts on “Brother freaking out during tatoo session – Hilarious

  1. Maybe the real problem is that everybody is tolerant of this shit. He can
    be a spoiled, complaining, homophobic and respectless jerk, but still
    everybody is laughing and having fun. Train this monkey!

  2. Fake? ……. helped me not to feel like a psy on my second tat that wraps
    around my arm kept calm on the out side so I feel better… is that a tat
    on his right arm? That’s why I’m tennis skeptical

  3. If this retarded faggot wanted a tattoo he should have known the pain that
    means. If i were that tattoo artist i would hace kicked his ass out of my
    store with the work unfinished. He doesnt deserte any respect.

  4. What a pussy… shoulder is the least painful place to get a tattoo =’)
    Going to my second session to get my sleave done in 2 hours. Love the pain

  5. Teach him same respect man. Don’t just lough at him
    He is your brother
    If I were you! I would not film him and put that on YouTube
    I think such a sham for u

  6. i wanna fucking kill this dude. his mother is just laughing while he’s
    being fucking rude to the artist. fuck this kid

  7. L o l , it really isnt that bad at all.. like not at all, above that your
    arm is one of the most painless tattoo zones.. what a wuss.. friggin funny

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