Black Ink Crew: Chicago | Meet Kat – 9Mag’s Tattoo Artist | VH1

Katrina, a.k.a. Kat, talks about the experience being the only woman in the shop, navigating a male-dominated industry.

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Black Ink Crew: Chicago | Meet Kat – 9Mag’s Tattoo Artist | VH1

Grand Opening of Dutchess’ “Pretty In Ink” Tattoo Shop W/Black Ink Crew

Go behind the scenes with Gossip Viv as she catches up with Dutchess from Vh1’s “Black Ink crew to talk about what Dutchess has going on since the reunion of Black Ink, her grand opening of “Pretty In Ink” tattoo shop and what she has next with Cease! Special cameos by Walt, Oh Shit, Sky and Ryan from Black Ink Crew Chicago!

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Tattoo Chicago Yelp | Review of Top Shop Artist

Finding the Best Chicago Tattoo Studios on is a good way of finding the Right place to have a perfect experience! Call (773) 975-9753

Joe does some custom work on a double cover up tattoo.Watch the video now or read below. Cover Tattoos are not easy but Joe made it a cake walk.

We recommend that you look at many of the reviews from yelpers but also keep in mind that you may want to look at other review sites like Manta, Google + and when trying to get the best tattoo in the Chicago Illinois area.

Also, look for video reviews to see what people are saying about various tattoo artists around the city.

Please allow us to talk about our-self for one moment as we want you to have the absolute best possible experiencing. After all, being tattooed is a little uncomfortable and where and who is doing the work is of utmost importance.

Royal Flesh Tattoo and Piercing is known for 3 main things:

1. They provide the cleanest shop on the North Side. Its not the dirty, old Tattoo Parlor that your grandpa went too!
2. The tattoo artists are very passionate about what they do and view every new body canvas as a honor to bring YOUR idea of art to life.
3. Atmosphere – Our studio is one of the coolest places to visit. Check out our artwork everywhere and meet new friendly people, while being treated like a vip!

Please take a look at some our yelp reviews for Royal Flesh:

“Royal Flesh is one of the top tattoo artists in the nation! They did my entire upper arm and I love every small detail of it. He is one of a few artists out there that will actually use a number 1 needle and sure anyone can use one, but the end result will surely show all of their mistakes. I have yet to find even the smallest area on my arm that has even a slight mistake!”


“I’ve been here several times to get tattooed. Everyone has always been super friendly, supportive of each other’s work and a chill place to be in. I have loved every tattoo I have gotten from Dustin. He’s been super open to ideas and easy to work with, highly recommend!”


“Ive seen the shop before and went in to look around and I have to tell you this is a super clean shop that is also well decorated with original artworks, clothing, etc… they even have a DJing section setup for live music it seems. They throw art showings there from time to time – that is how I came to learn about the shop.

Anyhow though weeks ago I had talked with Joe (Joey the Sauce) about the kind of tattoo (style) I wanted to get, the general concept, etc… he took a stencil of my chest and arm area and a couple of weeks later had the art for me and even sent me a preview of it to my phone. Great guy… I liked how open and transparent he was about the work he wanted to do.

So yesterday I received my first tattoo from Royal Flesh and couldn’t be more proud to be part of the shop… the place is clean, well decorated, music playing, and the staff… the staff are amazing… everyone (clients included) talking casually with one another, artists coming by to check on other people’s art and chat in general. This is a shop where you are seriously made welcome… and made to feel like you are just ‘one of the guys’ at the shop… best experience I’ve ever had at a tattoo shop.

Management is top-notch as well… not afraid to be completely honest with clients about the kind of art they want to get, how much it will cost, etc… while I was in the chair I overheard a conversation with a couple and it sounded like the guy was new to tattoos… the manager walked him through the whole process, talked about the art that the guy wanted, how much it would entail, cost, and even a time to get it done.

Royal Flesh is what all the other shops aren’t… best experience and I definitely found my go-to shop (and artist) for Chicago-land.

Dustin H

Royal Flesh tattoos Reviews:

Please keep in mind that ALL studios will have a few bad reviews. In fact, it would be impossible to make every customer happy.
Please make sure you always read the Owners Response when searching sites like Yelp.
But at Royal Flesh we do are best to make every clients experience with us absolutely stellar, its our guarantee!

Lastly, please make sure you visit all the shops that look good to you online. Visiting the artists and talking with them will give you the best perspective..

Here is our info:

Royal Flesh Tattoo and Piercing
4005 N Broadway St
Chicago, IL 60613
(773) 975-9753


Cover up tattoos

We are near Boys town. If your a Chicagoan or your visiting this awesome city come by, you will never know what other VIP’s you may meet at our Studio.

We are confident that when you choose to get treated like Royalty you will leave us a awesome yelp review and that will make our day! Watch the video again:

Video Rating: / 5

Villian Arts tattoo convention Chicago – Tattooartbyserg/Double minded tattoo shop

Villian arts tattoo convention in Chicago, amazing weekend! double minded ink, Check out my instagram for more of my work!



follow me on instagram – tattooartbyseg
add me on facebook –
to get tattoed by me email me at
located in Chicago ill –

filmer and editor – ThatGuyRamon
instagram – @thatguyramon
youtube channel -
Video Rating: / 5

Body Piercing Places in Chicago-Top Rated

Wanting to find the best Piercing Places in Chicago Illinois? Well look no further than Royal Flesh.

No matter if you are looking to get your lip, tongue, nose or belly button pierced by our trained professional as you see in this video. You will always be treated like Royalty the moment you walk in. We have a uber wide selection of Body Jewelry for all budgets ranging from cheap to elaborately expensive.

When you walk into our shop you will find a culture of artists that are super passionate about the Body Art they are privileged to put their hands too. In fact, they also take your safety very seriously. Its not enough to be a good studio, they want to be the only choice when it comes to looking for a tattoo artist or piercing specialist.

We work diligently to keep our Tattoo and Piercing shop super clean and very sterile for our clients safety. We take extra steps that are not even required in order to minimize the chance of infections from poor cleanliness standards.

If you typed in “Piercing places near me” please be careful to choose carefully and look for the professionals who take the time to make sure you.

1. Pick the right jewelry
2. Get the Right placement
3. Sterilize and clean the dedicated lounge for body modification(this one is super important).
4. Perform the double triple helix or whatever style or place you want pierced with perfect technique.
5. Give appropriate instruction for aftercare.
6. Offer FREE follow up advice or care
7. Take a picture with you, give you a high five and call you in a week just to see how things are going.

That’s what you should expect when searching for places in Chicago for body piercing. You will always find that at Royal Flesh.

Don’t forget we have a wide selection of Unique Jewelry for all budgets. We would love for you to give us a try.


Royal Flesh Tattoo and Piercing
4005 N Broadway St
Chicago, IL 60613
(773) 975-9753

Reviews and more info about us:

Watch this video again:

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If your looking for a Body Piercing place in Chicago please Call to schedule your appointment with our body-piercing technician or for additional questions: (773) 975-9753

Tattoo Artist Chicago Reviews-Get Treated Like Royalty!

Royal Flesh Tattoo and Piercing in Chicago has fans not only in Chicago but many of the faithful drive from the far western suburbs, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin!

A one of a kind tattoo & piercing shop that regularly hosts Arts, Talents and Strangely fun events. Perfect for outings in Chicago IL with friends or co workers.

Check out our Tattoo Artists Reviews:

All those that came out for the evening were showered with great music, culture and art.

Tattoo and Piercing artists were on hand for anyone interested in body art or getting new ink done.

Please subscribe to our channel:

Artists for the evening…
Nick Braatz – Scott Marvel – Steve Walters

We are so excited for friends & family of Royal Flesh Tattoo to join us for a evening with 3 creative and well known artists.

One of them we would like to feature…Steve Walters
You all have seen Rock Art posters right? Meet one of the founders of the concept…

Steve is founder of and has been cranking out Rock Art since 1991.

Watch this video again:

Royal Flesh Tattoo and Piercing
4005 N Broadway
Chicago, IL, 60613

Please let us know how we can help you in any way by calling the number above or any of the links in the description of this video.

Royal Flesh Tattoo and Piercing would love to meet you, please come visit us at our next Art Show or Exhibition Event in Chicago

This video is found on this playlist:

Video Rating: / 5

Tattoo Timelapse: Jose Perez Jr (Angel)

A sped up time lapse of a large scale Angel piece done by Chicago tattoo artist and owner of Dark Water Tattoos, Jose Perez Jr. Still a few sessions to go, but definitely powered through this one .

Check out more from Jose like his blog, travel dates for his 2015 Do Something Tour, tattoo gallery, and updates about his apparel line ( JPJ Apparel ) and studio, Dark Water Studios Fine Art & Tattoos, on his website:


with his downloadable app available in your Apple app store
just search “Jose Perez Jr” .
Video Rating: / 5