Your First Time… Getting a Custom Tattoo with Erik Siuda

The Daily Quirk sat down with master tattoo artist Erik Siuda for his tips for a special installment of our your first series, this time on your first time getting a custom tattoo. The Ink Master contestant explains the process for first timers and… Read more:

Photoshop Tutorials: Custom Tattoo Sleeve Design

Photoshop Tutorials: Custom Tattoo Sleeve Design

Tattoo design Photoshop Tutorial. I have used this method for a couple of friends who were looking for some tattoo sleeve ideas. I thought by using displacement maps and converting the image to a pencil drawing i could replicate the “design effect” of a real tattoo.

This Tattoo Photoshop tutorial is aimed at people that want to try before they buy. You can literally take any design you want and convert it into a full sleeve tattoo design. get some great ideas for your sleeve and see what it would actually look like before committing.

Check out how to convert any image into a pencil drawing here;

This method would still work even if you or an artist created a stencil drawing of the tattoo idea then uploaded it to Photoshop. The beauty is as long as you have a Tattoo idea and it is in black and white then you can apply this effect. Also this effect works better if you have the background of the “arm” as black. You can always mask in to the edges anyway but having a black background will make applying the tattoo design a little easier.

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Tattoo Timelapse: Jose Perez Jr (Custom* Skull & Sword)

Here’s a sped up time lapse video of a skull and sword custom forearm piece done by Chicago tattoo artist Jose Perez Jr.

Check out more from Jose like his blog, travel dates for his 2015 Do Something Tour, tattoo gallery, and updates about his apparel line ( JPJ Apparel ) and studio, Dark Water Studios Fine Art & Tattoos, on his website:


with his downloadable app available in your Apple app store
just search “Jose Perez Jr” .
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