✡ Hebrew Tattooed Poem ✡

This time lapse tattoo video reprsents a yiddish poem tattooed inside the upper arm, from the armpit to the elbow. It was his first tattoo, and of course it was really painful, especially near the armpit.
Unfortunately, he has bled a lot because he was drunk the night before. He didn’t tell it to the tattoo artist before starting the session (otherwise she would have refused to tattoo him).
This poem was a personnal choice, and he didn’t want to translate nor to explain what was the meaning…

So, who will be able to read and translate this hebrew poem ?

– Bodmodz

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Why use a service like this? Hebrew is written from right to left, (English from left to right) so that if your tattoo artist or tattoo designer doesn’t know Hebrew they could very easily tattoo you with the writing running in the wrong direction. Imagine an English language tattoo written from right left — it loses all meaning and instead becomes a joke for Hebrew speakers.If you are planning on getting a Hebrew tattoo, even if you are copying a design from the web you really need to get the final version of the Hebrew tattoo seen by a Hebrew speaker before you go to print, there are just too many things that can go wrong! If you have a perfectly written Hebrew tattoo design and it’s written vertically it could lose it’s meaning, in fact there are so many things that can go wrong when getting a tattoo in Hebrew that you need to get a Hebrew speaker to verify it.
Video Rating: / 5