15+ Mother Daughter Tattoos That Show Their Unbreakable Bond

15+ Mother Daughter Tattoos That Show Their Unbreakable Bond

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15+ Mother Daughter Tattoos | The most beautiful tattoos

Epic Ink: Complementary Mother-Daughter Tattoos (Season 1, Episode 9) | A&E

A mother and daughter compare their new complementary tattoos in this scene from “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.”

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Epic Ink
Season 1
Episode 9
Take Me Out to the Ballgame

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Mother Daughter Tattoo Ideas – Insane Tattoo Products

Mother Daughter Tattoo Ideas - Insane Tattoo Products

Learn how to tattoo awesome mother daughter tattoo ideas! Click here http://crazy-tattoo-designs.com/tattoos/learn-how-to-tattoo-dvd-videos/

There is a special bond between a mother and her daughter. They may fight during the teen years but eventually the relationship becomes tighter as the daughter grows older. One of the best ways to savor that relationship is to get a Tattoo together. Below are a few mother daughter tattoo ideas to help you solidify that bond in ink.

Mother Daughter Tattoo Ideas; Remembering Childhood

The bond between mother and daughter is very tight during childhood. Tattoos that remind the pair of the fun they used to have could be a good mother daughter idea. This could be a character from a favorite book or nursery rhyme or a favorite character from a television show you might have watched together. For example, if Peter Pan was the favorite bed time story, then mom could get Pan as a tattoo and the daughter could get Tinker Bell. This themed set of tattoos would bring back memories of when the bond between the two was magical.
Matching Tattoos

Matching tattoos are usually reserved for relationships that will last a lifetime. Matching tattoos are identical tattoos that both the mother and the daughter could share. The tattoo should have meaning of a good time they both remember in their life. This could be the birth of a grandchild, college graduation, or any of the many milestones people share through life. A matching tattoo should be inked by the same artist. This will eliminate differences in style and difference in color caused by different inks.
– See more at: http://crazy-tattoo-designs.com/mother-daughter-tattoo-ideas-passions-hobbies-childhood-memories

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(Sorry this video is up a day late!) This is a vlog about my mom, sister, and I all getting matching Celtic mother child tattoos. We love the connection we feel like it gives us and are very happy with them! Let us know what you think in the comments below!

In this video we show you some cute and funny ways to show your dog(s) you love them!

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