Inside a Tattoo Apprentice’s Sketchbook! SKETCHBOOK TOUR. (Week 2)

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Hi guys!
I’ve had a lot of people show interest and ask about my art and apprenticeship. When I recorded this I was in week 2 of my apprenticeship. I’ve been studying traditional Americana tattoo flash.
With Friday the 13th quickly approaching I;m making many flash sheets for an upcoming event at my shop.

If you have any questions or want me to make certain videos on this subject please let me know! πŸ˜€



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**I own none of the audio featured in this Video.***
**Some artwork inspired by brokenpuppet and hannah pixie sykes**
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A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting a Professional Tattoo Apprenticeship

This program is BRAND NEW and the FIRST of it’s kind! “A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting a Professional Tattoo ApprenticeshipΒ©”! The most often asked question I’ve gotten in the last 20 years will be answered in detailed, executable steps for the first time ever. I’ve been approached by people of all ages and skill levels who have wanted to learn how to tattoo. They know that apprenticeship is the right path, but from my experience in person and in eMails, they have NO idea what will impress a potential teacher/employer in the highly competitive world of professional tattooing. I CAN HELP.
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Tattoo Apprenticeship – Portfolio Progress

Tattoo Apprenticeship - Portfolio Progress

My Instagram: @monstermashmia

I’m currently putting together a paper based portfolio (as I’m looking for a tattoo apprenticeship). I would love to have some feedback on what I’m doing well and points on how I could improve. Please leave suggestions below, thank you for watching.

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My style of drawing is a little bit quirky, so please be considerate of how you respond if you don’t like my technique.

Good Vibes✌


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Tattoo Topic – Short Apprenticeship

SullenTV Presents a Brand NEW “Tattoo Topic – Apprenticeship of 6 months?” Check out what some of the top tattoo artists in the industry had to say!

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