6 thoughts on “chinese Tattoo kits stay clear they sux

  1. yes the macines can  be used  but the rest is trash the powers supplys do not put out the voltage they say on display and after about 5 mins the power drops sometime to a point where the gun will not work .I went throu two of the same power supplys both trash .. the cheap cast frames are just as crap at contucting the voltage . the thumb screws wear  and break fast..the inks should not be used on humans .the needles look dirty  even in seal packs dust and rust sealed in with them . lucky if the coils are 5 wraps and sooon burn out .cheap paint chips and rust soon sets in on the frames now mix that with bits getting in to a tatto open wound and you have infection . if you use these crap on public customers at some point your gona end up in court or jail ..

  2. yea those cheap china bent frame 5wrap coils no good if u want a halfway nice starter kit friction tattoo supply or piercing pros supply have good ones start off with dv8 iron one piece frame good needles and starbrite ink

  3. You can get good chinese coil machines.. but rarely in kits , and you cannot just buy any random machines cause 90% is crap. Look for suppliers that have multuple photos if product and detailed descriptions of machines capacitor uhf coil material..NEVER USE CHINESE INK.but with a little research and knowledge of machines u can filter out all the crap and find decent machines for 25-60$

  4. yeah the inks are pritty sub standard and no telling what is in them or if they just used tap water to mix . the guns do work with some fine tuneing but soon over heat and need much higher voltages to run

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