Chris Knows Best! The Right Tattoo Machine For You

Chris Knows Best! The Right Tattoo Machine For You

Los Angeles Body & Soul Lead Artist/Instructor Chris “Dolphin” Coles has an enormous sense of quality doing his work, and he guides us in the world of Tattoo Machines, showing us the best choices you could have to express your art over skin in a responsible way.
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15 thoughts on “Chris Knows Best! The Right Tattoo Machine For You

  1. Nicky emmeralofficial I agree there are a lot of people who have no business tattooing. Trying to get a apprenticeship is hard that's why so many learn in their own. A lot of tattoo artist don't want you to learn because they look at it like you'll take food out their mouths.

  2. hi, i have been tattooing for 27 years, you dont know my name, but i have a product that will revolutionize how we tattoo i do soon as my prototype is done i will post pics and vids of me working with my machines. sorry to keep you in the dark guys, but im not yet protected.

  3. so at the start of the video you sayd that tattooing started to get popular during the 70s and 80s becouse of sailors ? dude it was in hawaii during ww2 with sailor jerry and ed hardy lool.

  4. I don't like the fact that he's talking a whole lot of BS think about it. we all should know that of course it sounds different and the voltage won't work on the sliver tattoo machine, oh yeah that's right mass-produced tattoo machines. because of the fact that the contact screw is at different distance on those machines, watch the video again if u don't believe me, the contact screw is or at different gaps. and the weight of the ambar are different and the contact points are different so of course its not going to run the same. stop it please stop it. ur playing your self buddy

  5. uploaded in 2016…but…this is only for the people who still wanne use coils… yet 90% lives in 2016 and uses rotary 's and cartridge machines.. I know..the basics are handy to know how coils work…but nowadays it doesn't really matter because 'good' reliable machines are having the ..stroke..give in accordingly… + u don't believe in tattoo school because "art" has to be in you're hearth and soul from birth…and schools take on everyone for a few bucks

  6. Your very first machine by Coco Fernandez, what exact machine is that & wear can I find it/find one like it? Awesome video by the way!

  7. too many people think they can buy a "kit" off eBay and start tattooing.. thank you for doing what your doing

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