Diy Panner Supplies | 3 Staple Products in Gold Tattoos !!! Under $1

Custom Planner Build. Target Dollar Spot Binder:

Hey Guys!!! Welcome to my channel. Just so you know, you will find a ton of different types of videos here to use in almost every area of your life! I may not be a pro at anything but I’m DAMN good at a lot of things! I don’t know what I meant to do here but I know overall, I simply want to inspire someone today to believe in themselves tomorrow. Everyone has a history and we are all human. We can all relate in various ways. If you’ve forgotten your value…well…it’s time to take it back and remember! I hope to be one of the few people in your lives that can help you do that. Love you guys. Old and new and even the THUMBSDOWNERS cause you can’t keep us down! And maybe one day you’ll be on our side…until then…TFW!

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20 thoughts on “Diy Panner Supplies | 3 Staple Products in Gold Tattoos !!! Under $1

  1. I'm defiantly doing this OMG IN LOVE
    the gold
    the closing idea 💡( aaa daaa why didn't I think of that)
    the tatoo with clear nail polish sooooo smart
    and I love the voice over we can see everything while you explained every thing

  2. omg ctp! I love this Ideas; especially using the disposable cutting sheets. I have to use this idea to embellish my granddaughter new school planner. Love your videos. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Awesome awesome awesome!! I absolutely love this ideas my favorite is the dashboard thanks so much for sharing this, as always blessings to you and your family. 😇👍👍

  4. I love this! I never ever would have thought of using flexible cutting mats! I just bought a Happy Planner but it needs some extras and I'm trying not to buy every single accessory they have – it adds up! I just found your channel today and you have fantastic ideas – so creative and resourceful! I feel inspired to try to customize my new planner with supplies I have on hand and $ store goodies now. Thanks!

  5. Girl i love you and all you do. You are my new BFF and don't even know it. Definitely trying this when i get home tonight but of course i have to watch the video about 15 more times as i do with all your videos. Been having trouble sleeping lately so it me, you and youtube. I promise i'm not a stalker, just a paper crafter who can't sleep. Keep creating. Your work is fabulous.

  6. Another one of your great n awesome diy. Want to make however my $trees(2) don't have the tattoos but I have some gold washi🤓. Thanks again for your inspiration, you are the best, n I mean that.

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