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18 thoughts on “getting new tattoos | elizabeth jayne

  1. is great. Tons of movies and tv show episodes. No cc asked for at all. Gives a few diff links to try for each program/movie as well. I've never had a problem, just sometimes the quality isn't the greatest.

  2. My daughter just walked in and saw you and said "wow, she has big muscles". I told her I would tell you because I know you would appreciate it 🙂 Keep up the great work!

  3. I haven't been able to get my hands on that sweet peach either!!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!! I've been calling and stalking since March! 😩 love watching your vlogs!

  4. I noticed in a previous video you said you got a new Infinity. In this video you spoke of your cup holder not working. I thinking it's an Infinity thing as I have one too and the cup holder is the worst ever! Whoever designed the cup holder obviously did not try it out. My drink always falls over. So annoying! LOL!

  5. i like to rent movies on amazon, you do have to purchase them unless you have prime, then you can get some for free.

  6. google the name of the movie you and plus vodlocker, links directly for the movie with the vodlocker player should pop up, and it's free without spam.

  7. Ok, so I live out in AZ. We get "snowbirds" from all over the country every winter. And the ones from Iowa are some of the worst drivers! I'm sure they're not all that bad. But we see an Iowa license plate in front of us and we groan 😂

  8. I'm surprised my car insurance isn't through the roof just for being Asian lol. Do you think you could ever film a gym routine or a what I eat in a day? Maybe just add some clips into your vlog. I loved it when you showed us your microwaved egg meal haha

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