25 thoughts on “How to draw an Old School Eagle Tattoo Design by thebrokenpuppet

  1. isnt that like really elaborate for old school? i could see oliver peck
    tearing this apart on ink master, lol. sick as hell anyways

  2. Hello and thank you for posting your videos. I have enjoyed the time I have
    gotten to draw along with you. So far its been and owl, a Koi, a rose and a
    skull. I was wondering how you felt about doing a “How to draw video” with
    the subject being an Alien. I know it would be great, just like all your
    other work thus far. Thanks again for all the time you have invested in
    these videos. Deep down I would love a tattoo of an Alien, but it has to be
    “just right” before i would get it done. 

  3. This can be really a perfect videos for anybody who wish to uncover
    relevant with this subject. You realize a great deal its almost difficult
    to argue with you (a smaller amount I really want. You convey a brand new
    spin about the subject that has been spoken about for just about any very
    very long time. Great stuff, just great keep writing

  4. What kind of paper do you use? I’ve been having issues when trying to blend
    with my makers, and also, the colors saturate entirely too dark.

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