25 thoughts on “HOW TO MAKE A STICK AND POKE TATTOO (with Laura)

  1. This is stupid you are putting so many chemicals into your skin and this so
    freaking stupid I would rather go and get a real tattoo from a professional

  2. For all of who are scared to do this and also everyone else. This is NOT
    okay. It’s not even remotely sterile. India ink is not okay to be put
    into your skin. Do yourself a huge favor and get tattooed by a
    professional Anyone that gets tattooed anywhere other than a sterile and
    licensed shop is an idiot. Plain and simple.

  3. First of all, are you seriously doing a tattoo in such an unsanitary
    environment? Like not only is she not using gloves but nothing was properly
    sterilized. The ONLY way you can truly sterilize materials for
    piercings/tattoos etc is with an autoclave and I highly doubt that she used
    an autoclave. Peroxide is a huge mistake, please don’t use these types of
    chemcials on your body! If you wipe someone with chemicals like that and
    then tattoo them, then the chemicals are just going to end up in their
    skin. India ink is also not tattoo ink. Tattoo ink is made specifically for
    your skin, it’s non-toxic, tested to be safe for tattooing specifically and
    a lot of the time uses natural dyes, some even fully organic. Tattoos
    always heal best and have minimum problems when done with high quality
    premium ink. If you wouldn’t put those chemicals inside your body via
    digestion or injection, don’t put them inside your body via tattooing.
    India ink is not tested for tattoos, it can even contain ingredients such
    as shellac (a bug secretion basically). It’s designed for paper, not for
    In the end, there’s always going to be some idiot who does things like this
    and ends up ‘fine’ so they think it’s all okay but please don’t let other
    people think that this is the best way to do it. There’s a reason why
    tattoo licenses and apprenticeships are a long process and hard to obtain
    and the last thing this world needs is high school kids thinking that it’s
    okay to do this to their friends.
    This is honestly just too stupid to comprehend and I legitimately don’t
    understand. Yes people have being doing stick and pokes for hundreds of
    years, whatever. But we have better technology now. We have ways to make
    tattoos safer, much better quality and less painful. Stop this bullshit
    for fuck’s sake.

  4. Idk why people are complaining, its perfectly safe if you sterilize it, and
    use the right ink, you can even buy tattoo ink 

  5. you are fucking stupid. first of all, you are suppose to burn the needle
    with a lighter to sterilize it, second you should have drew a stencil so
    you know what the fuck you’re tattooing and third india ink fades quickly

  6. Hot chicks come on over to my shop I’ll give a free tattoo . I will also
    give you some lessons on tattooing . You never know it might be what you
    want to do for a living that how I get mine cash .

  7. I did this twice when I was 15 but my friend and I used a guitar string
    (end cut at a slant to make it sharper) and stuck that to the eraser end of
    a pencil and taped it secure. Then we just dipped the point in India ink
    after every few dots. I totally regret one of them now..of course! But the
    other one I got touched up by a professional and it’s my second favorite

  8. Indian ink is traditionally used for this type of thing, and this is also a
    traditional way to tattoo, look it up! Don’t criticise if you haven’t
    looked up the facts first. 

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