10 thoughts on “KBtatts Tattoo Pen “Tattooing a Rabbit

  1. That was funny , I’m thinking what the fk is wring with you people , then i
    look at comment below. For what reason 

  2. I want to order mine tomorrow and was wondering are there any videos on how
    to clean it and what to use to clean it

  3. Looks like a very nice tool. I’ve used a couple of different ones
    including the plier type where you then smear the ink onto the ear. This is
    much easier and faster, and lots less mess. I am purchasing one for
    tattooing both rabbits and sheep/goats. Thanks to the whole family for the
    demo! PS all of my rabbits are for the table. 

  4. I love your tattooer! It works like a charm! (I’m a beginner and it was so
    easy to do my first tattoo!) But i have a question for my first rabbit
    (white) I though I had the tattoo wrap tight enough but I didn’t, and she
    lunged out right before I could tattoo her. I had the ink to the side and
    she ran into it and got ink under her chin and on her paw(beginners
    mistake) I was wondering if there was a way to get it out. I have a big
    show she’s entered in in 3 1/2 weeks. Thanks!

  5. Sweet Tattoo kit! I will be thinking about it next time I am on the market
    for one 🙂 The clamp is so difficult! So many mess-ups.

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