Killer Ink Tattoo at Milano Tattoo Convention 2017

Milan may be known as a fashion capital, but they sure know how to put on a killer tattoo convention!

We headed over to Italy at the start of February for the 22nd annual Milano Tattoo Convention.

Over the three days, we shot this video that features some of our good friends and sponsored artists working on some awesome tattoos.

Check it out!

Read more about what we got up to at the Milano Tattoo Convention in our blog:

Videographer: Raim Grin


Ian Ewing

Bigstonekman Snbcrew

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20 thoughts on “Killer Ink Tattoo at Milano Tattoo Convention 2017

  1. Awwsome video! That looked like it was a great convention! A lot of Ink! All of the tattoos pictured were cool but I think the guitar painted w/ a lady's face in blue paint is the best painting at the convention! :*)

  2. Great video. Split screen was a bit much to follow though. And hopefully next time you can say what the artists name is your filming. Thanks

  3. I like the idea of zabrak style tattoos where it compliments the entire body but random drawing of unrelated shit splattered all over the body in effortless planning just seems stupid to me… I mean the art is cool but wtf is the point.

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