Mexican Deportees and Outsourced Labor

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Tijuana, Mexico, is a limbo for deportees from the United States. People keep showing up in the city while U.S. immigration policies get tougher. Between 2002 and 2012, deportations to Mexico more than doubled, from 122,058 to 306,870, according to the Department of Homeland Security. Many were deported for non-violent or relatively minor infractions.

In many cases, these deportees are returned to a country where they might have been born but know little about as adults. They might speak little or no Spanish, and are further seen as pariahs for sporting gang tattoos. Opportunities for work in Tijuana remain limited for such deportees, except in a sector that is enjoying a boom period in Mexico, telemarketing.

Call centers offer English-speaking deportees a chance to have a steady income in jobs-strapped Mexico. They also get to put their language skills to use. Telemarketers gain a geographically close work-force of English native-speakers, but at Mexican labor costs. VICE News traveled to Tijuana to meet a few of the thousands of deportees who were raised in the United States and are now forming new lives back in Mexico, thanks to their steady jobs at a U.S. call center.

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20 thoughts on “Mexican Deportees and Outsourced Labor

  1. What contradictory bullshit. The owner pretends the people who work for him are deported for minor violations like running a stop light. But the employees interviewed are gangsters, someone convicted with aggravated assault, and someone who had an extensive criminal record with a lot of little charges. If this owner of the call center wants to lie who he employs to the media, whatever, his right. But if he lies to people who give him our data, this sort of business needs to be shutdown.


  3. This jobs are very low pay jobs they don't pay more than 3 Dollars an hour. Exploitation its the key to outsource.

  4. All this shit about illegals being deported is so stupid. Then deport every "American" if you want to deport illegals. Everybody in the USA is illegal then, except the native americans which are in reservations. Also what happened to the USA being the LAND OF OPPORTUNITY! Thats the reason people from everywhere in the world is going there. Isn't it? For a better life and opportunity for money. Nope not anymore! Why: cause USA has stupidass people running the country a.k.a the government.

  5. These poor illegals. How dare the US enforce its laws and punish these people. First they break the law coming here so they have to hide. Then when they commit another crime against the american people they get incarcerated or deported. They only come here for a freebie life on our dime. As it is these unfortune drug pushing criminals have to come to a place to live that they hate. The hard life of an anti american mexican criminal and their lafamilia.What about their right to violate US law ?

  6. i want to get to mexico. yeah the guy who was in the marines is a fucked up situation. they'll let ya fight for them , but not let you live there

  7. You empathizers are so dumb. They emigrate to a new country to get a fresh start, and what do they do? — rape, murder, molest, rob, steal. they are where they deserve

  8. @4:37sec, Ha! he wants to go to Italy? Sheesh, talk about racism. Italy is one of the most racist and elitist countries on the planet. Have a lot of cash and speak Italian, and look Spanish or white if you go there.

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  11. sorry but if your going to come here..cause aggrivated assault and other crimes…then we dont want you..we have enough crime..dont come to our already fucked up country and cause more!

  12. U guys act like its the easiest thing to get into the us. Some people spend thousands of dollars just trying to into the U.S and some of these are scams. When u want to cross the border there's a pretty good chance that u will end up dead in the desert or that your guide will just end up killing u and take ur money. Also when people do get to the U.S illegally how do expect them to get a job without social security or other documentation. When it comes to starving to death or selling drugs what would u do.

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