19 thoughts on “My First Navy Tattoo + Getting a Half Sleeve in Japan — JTsuits

  1. Your tattoo artists did a great job at covering up such a large dark tattoo..  a lot of cover ups never look that good and many times are very dark…  urs looks very cool and plenty of 'skin' showing through and not all solid ink.

  2. Very hot tatts. I love those Japanese tatts the best. What will you get next time? Get something with bright blue color in it. Looking good! Are you still engaged?

  3. good job man.. go big or go home… i love big tattoos. . thats all i get… digging the ink.. is that a oni on your ribs or a hannya mask

  4. Hey man been watching your videos for awhile now. Really helping me and my family out with my decision to join the Navy. Loving this tattoo series and I think you should post a few more videos! Curious about how the ones on the back of your ankles felt. Keep it up man! And thank you for your videos!

  5. is there any way I can show you my tattoo on my arm and you tell me wether or not the army will accept it like if it's going to far down its not touching my hand but I'm not sure let me know or make a vid about tattoos on what the millitary requires! Thanks!!

  6. eeew…. Armpit hair..eww…however I'll keep mine…for now..I tried to shave what little I had….eww…moisture…hot. Why isn't that a Cute Grand Japanese Entrance… Eww…we're not accepting you might get clammy at work…eww.

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