My Rib Tattoo – Watch my tat experience!

Hey guys, I decided to record my tattoo process becuase I feel as though this tattoo is so incredibly meaningful and most of my friends/viewers have been watching me throughout the loss of my beautiful four legged daughter. I hope you enjoy this! OX
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20 thoughts on “My Rib Tattoo – Watch my tat experience!

  1. Planning on getting a angel wing tattoo on my rib for my first tattoo trying to see how painful that is from watching people experiences with rib tattoos on YouTube

  2. I actually liked the noise of the tattoo machine. It was kind of a "here comes the pain again" warning and vice versa >_<

  3. im getting a tattoo on my rib cage pretty soon, my questions is if rib tattoos hurt so bad, how come people dont act like it ? cause all the videos i watch of seeing people getting tatted on there, they dont cry or scream or anything  …

  4. this video is SOOO inspiring. thank you soo much for making this video! you have given me the confidence i needed to go get my goldfish's fin prints up MY ribs!

  5. Wow, I just couldn't watch the rest of this video. I got 3 minutes in & then just could not stand the sound of your voice anymore. I had to shut it down. Seriously, lose the fake talk from high school. It's NOT cute, in fact it's extremely annoying. Sooo like um totally duh! Seriously, talk like a grown ass woman, not a 14 year old. That's bad when people can't even watch your full video because their ears are in pain.

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