New Moon! What is that tattoo on the side of Jacob’s arm…? Read info!

New Moon! What is that tattoo on the side of Jacob's arm...? Read info!

Well? I guess we all won’t find out till the movie comes out. *sigh*. LOL obviously it’s some kind of werewolf marking or whatever! LOL Jacob felt rebellious so he went out and got a tattoo… And so did everyone else in the pack… They were drunk. JUST KIDDING! Sigh… See ya later! Oh, and don’t forget to post what YOU think! LOL! I don’t know why I’m laughing… Hehe…
Oh, and if you can’t read what it says in the credits, here it is-

Well? Maybe do you think that this is some weird tattoo thing that Chris Weitz put on for all of the werewolfs??? Maybe… Whatever it is, it looks HAWT! LOL! Jk. I mean it looks KEWL! Yeah…. Anyways post what you think it’s for! Once again, maybe that tattoo/mark magically appears when they first change into a werewolf… Post your comments! Thanks for letting me waste your time!

And here is teamjacobdude’s comment-
I can solve all of your problems! They make the actors have Cullen Crests in the Twilight movie to make it seam like the Cullens are a really united coven. So…they did the same with our beloved wolves! The wolves have tattoos to make it seam like they are all more united and one! That is what the tattoo is fore- besides just beeing so darn cute, becouse that was Taylor and Jacob are fore!
Thanks so much teamjacobdude!
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14 thoughts on “New Moon! What is that tattoo on the side of Jacob’s arm…? Read info!

  1. I cant wait untill it comes out in a few years this guys a fag. Not that i care, i just find it funny woman these days either like fags of pretty boys, with shit in their hair and make up on.

  2. Thats wat I want to know I just saw the Rolling Stones pictures that Taylor did and it was still on his are. I thought it was just makeup they could put on and take off. It looks real to me.

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