1. I swear you look better in every video! If that’s even possible haha 🙂
    *Could you please have a look at my channel? I will love you forever :)*

  2. you know what I find funny? how people don’t like justin but they’ll put
    his name in the title to get the views anyways. don’t put his name in the
    title of all you’re gonna do is be rude bc there are actually people that
    love him and feel like fools when you pull that stunt

  3. please come and have a coffee with me some day! i mentioned u in one of my
    videos, (which isn’t up yet) goals for 2015. and meeting u was one of my
    goals!! 🙂 gosh i sound so creepy! sorry sam!!!! would love to collab with
    u some day, would be even better!!! x

  4. You are so smart and kind, but something I’ve found problematic in the last
    few months is when people tell other people to “cut” bad people out of
    their lives.. Someone who dissapoints you might be really struggeling, I’m
    personally struggeling and I feel like I’m letting all the people in my
    life down by always being so anxious and depressed, I back out of plans and
    I can’t keep all my promises because of it. I just wish people would try
    and help each other out before cutting people out of their lives – of
    course if someone is being cruel to you, get rid of that person, but for
    dissapointing you or like bringing you down, I guess I’d advice people to
    try and talk to them first and tell that person why you’re dissapointed,
    maybe they’re didn’t even realise, y’know? Sorry about the shitty grammar
    and spelling..

    On another note, I’d love to see a follow up video on your breast
    lift/augmentation! I’m thinking about doing similar surgery and It’d be
    great to hear some details on how long it takes to fully heal, how long
    before you can work out again etc 🙂
    <3 u

  5. “I havent seen it and i’m GLAD”? Lol seriously? Wtf? I always thought
    Internet famous people would never hate or talk shit about others BC they
    know how it feels like. This made me dislike you so much. Even tho its not
    a big deal, she could have said ” no i didnt so i cant say anything about
    it” but noo.. people noways are ignorant as fuck.

  6. Love your berry lip color!!! HAHA, I thought what “breakup” product then I
    heard you say spot treatment, of course “breakout.” 

  7. Sammi, consider yourself lucky that you haven’t seen Justin Bieber in his
    smalls. There are things that the eyes cannot unsee and that is definitely
    one of them. Help me God 0_0 Loved the video! xx

  8. Ive watched your videos from near enough the minute you started youtube, i
    remember how shy you were and seeing you grow more and more exploring your
    style, getting more confident is the best and most inspirational thing in
    the world. I love you Sammi I’m so proud of the person you’ve become and
    you should be too 🙂 <3

  9. your lipstick is beautiful! I love you and your Q&A videos!

    anyone want to help me hit 3,000 subscribers? thank you so much ily all

  10. There is nothing quite like a bulldog is there..?! I also LOVE bullmastiffs
    and our plan was to get at least one , someday. we ended up getting 2 ( omg
    yes 2!!) American bulldogs froma rescue ! They were 5 mins away from
    being put down at a high kill shelter in California. We had to get both as
    they were in love with eachother and entered the shelter together… They
    are seriously the funniest , sweetest , smartest breed. Other than thinking
    they are lap dogs at almost 100 lbs each.. Its all good. Congrats on both
    of your gorgeous lil fur babies xoxox Muah!! add me on Instagram Sam :

  11. Loved ittt❤️

    Any small youtubers wanting to support each other’s channels by
    I sub back Instantly! AND watch your videoss! 

  12. Expect thounsands of comments praising Justin Bieber and disrespecting you
    in every video you post in the future just for that little comment you said

  13. I can’t help but smile through this video, I had just returned from a very
    lonely day in school and your vid has made my day! <3

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