OMG! Septum Piercing | DOES IT HURT?!?

It’s a brand new year so I want to share a brand new experience with you guys when I got my septum piercing two weeks ago. It’s healing really well!

Atomic Tattoo and Piercing:

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20 thoughts on “OMG! Septum Piercing | DOES IT HURT?!?

  1. It honestly depends on you pain tolerance. I have my bridge, nostril, eyebrow and lip done and my lip hurt he most. Second most painful was my nostril.

    I honestly don't have the guts to get this.

    My friend has tons of piercings, nipples, ears, lip and tongue in 3 places and she said the septum actually put her off of getting anymore for a while. So as a warning if 1 person gets it and says it doesn't hurt, don't go in expecting a small amount of pain because they said it, it might hurt you like a bitch depending on how sensitive you are. I defo learned the hard way after my mum told me the nose doesn't hurt ( when I was 12)

    Hurts more when you expect hardly any pain haha

  2. by the way your video doesn't make me scared but if i watch other videos i get terrified because they show that they are crying and shouting ……….i don't know your video just encourages me and i feel not as scared 🙂 love your septum piercing by the way it looks really cute on you 🙂

  3. pro: people will stop talking to you because you naturally become more annoying.

    con: you have to make up a story about individualism even though the girl who asked about it also has a septum piercing.

  4. anyone have advice for a newcomer who may get a septum piercing??? anything is welcome, including convincing your parents to let u have one lmao

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