Pen inks and markers YOU CAN TATTOO WITH

In this episode of Tattoo School on YouTube by AfterPrisonShow I introduce my good friend Tom who is a professional tattoo artist, and we explore an arts and crafts store in search of pen inks and markers that can be used for tattooing.

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21 thoughts on “Pen inks and markers YOU CAN TATTOO WITH

  1. Oh my fucking Jesus… I was drawing with the first type of pens! I gave up and was watching your videos lol. And btw, after watching your videos I have to say: I really wanna be a tattoo artist! I tried the stick n poke method on my heel but the in washed out. Thanks for this video imma bout to do this shit 😂

  2. apart from this all dont you think liquid eyeliners are also having fine and harmless ink for tattooing??? and i am a diabetic i always have syringes for insulin though they can cause a lot of irritation but they r sharp enough to get into skin
    idk whether if i am right or not just tryna make some sense

  3. I really wanna do stick and poke tattoos but dont know which ink to use . 1 hour ago in the mall in the shop , saw the black india ink faber castell pen . Fuck I regret for not buying that .

  4. i have a bunch of gel pens that i do artwork with but how do i know if they are non toxic they are just in a pencil box???

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