25 thoughts on “SCREAMING during a FOOT TATTOO

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  2. I loved getting my foot tattoo it didn’t do me nothing like that…when you have a baby then post that video so we can see how you really act. Lol

  3. To all the people saying the foot tattoo didn’t hurt…. It was the most painful hour and a half of my life! I dono how much skin you’ve got there, but my feet are really bony, and it really is that painful! I did my hip just after and did not make a sound…. but during the foot I couldn’t speak and had to bite my lip the whole time to stop screaming.

  4. well I actually herd the foot is really sensitive.. and ive seen other people in this much pain too so give her a break.

  5. my first one was on the top of my foot and it really didnt hurt… people need to suck it up!!! lol babies…

  6. Top of the foot is the worst place to get a tattoo, you get micro bone fractures as its being done. I have a full blown chest piece, massive backpiece, and a few other little tats, yet nothing hurt as bad as my shin or my foot tattoos.

  7. I have both of my feet tattooed, I groaned a bit, but not like this!! Yes they hurt, but that chicks a whimp!

  8. I got 40 tattoos mostly my arm because its sleeved, i want my foot bad though, but seeing this and remembering my sister and you say it hurt bad…man Ima have to be on it going up in there..

  9. My sister screamed too, but i know another chick that just sat there….its weird and neat how everybody has a different level of pain tolerance

  10. I watched this before getting my foot tattoo and it freaked me out completely! In actual fact, it really didn’t hurt for me at all! Literally just feels like vibrations against your skin! Clearly this lady had a low pain threshold

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