19 thoughts on “SPIDER WEBS 4 TATTOO SHOP…

  1. Who ever sold you the Ranger will be like…. What? Cool idea for a beater! Hope the guy finally liked the webs. And that rabbit did not want to be there when you were looking for something to flake. LOL.

  2. I Love The Look Of The Truck…. You Wont Be Able To Miss That Flaming Paint Job In The Snow!

    Even Overcast, The Flake Shows Up Fine!!!


  3. I get a lot of re-works, people think it's all for the same price…. NOPE. You think the original job description included me doing it 34 times until you finally figured out what you actually wanted? Thought not….

  4. You should still charge for the webs he didn't want, they took shop time.
    Did you use a jig saw? If so do you mind me asking how many amps. I have a couple pieces of plywood I would like to make cutouts from. Just think I may need a better saw.

  5. "pour some flake on it" good song!
    "oh I don't like them, but I'll take those for free" lol what is this McDonalds? 
    have it your way!

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