Studio apartment tour!

This is my studio/efficiency apartment tour! Below are the links to (nearly) all the featured items 🙂 p.s. sorry for switching back & forth between shooting vertically & horizontally – I’ll get better I promise!!

Flower decals — Target –

Bookshelf — Ikea –

Floor vase — Ikea —

Bathmat — Ikea –

Mini rug — Target

Mirrors — Ikea –

Curtains — Ikea –

Desk — Ikea –

Mini shelving unit & drawers — Target –

Bed frame — Ikea (discontinued)

Nightstand — Ikea –

Drawers — Target –

Shelves — Target –

Fabric covered organizer — Target –

TV stand — Ikea –

Rug — Target –

Loveseat — Ikea –

Loveseat cover — Ikea –

Dining room table — Ikea –

Tree decal — Target –
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20 thoughts on “Studio apartment tour!

  1. While this isn't my like decor style exactly, I did want to let you know that you seem like such a nice and energetic person! Keep up the awesomeness :D

  2. You have a great space, you should utilize it a little more, your bathroom is huge! I guess when you're young and on your own you don't have a lot of extra cash to spend on decor. Great job :)

  3. love that rug hope to still find it for my room moving to new apt as well yayyy have so much to buy smh lol so hard so hard 

  4. that is a HUGE studio apartment my apartment is tiny compared to this, and i don't even really have a bedroom. (hmm, maybe i should post a video on here) lol how ur kitchen is connected to ur living room, my bedroom is connected to my living room, and the bathroom and kitchen r seperate.

  5. Not to be demeaning I did not like the video. I believe more could have been done with your space, time and money. Lastly out the finished product on utube to showcase. I do like your idea of looking in a resale shop it is so amazing what you will find. It's not junk but items with a useful contribution to your space. Keep working on it and let's see more.

  6. I know the couch is your favorite but it's horrible! I'm sorry I know everyone has difference taste, I'm more traditional, I was shocked when it came up… But I really enjoyed the set up of your apartment!

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