19 thoughts on “Sydney Leroux explains her tattoos – US Women’s National Team

  1. It's the same thing as Diego Costa being from Brazil but playing in Spain and no one gives a shit. Why should it be different for her?

  2. Respect all around. She's not a traitor. Smh. She's an amazing and inspiring woman who went after her dreams. Her relationship with her mother is admirable. Nothing but love~ 

  3. I don't care if she is good or bad the thing is she has too many tattoos for my liking. I hate tattoos and find them as the most lamest thing in the world. Great she is playing for the USA and not Canada. Fuck tattoos. I hate them.

  4. how could they call her a traitor when she never even played for the Canadian Women's National team and never played for a club in Canada. jeez those Canadians that teased her and called her names really don't have any logic

  5. Who cares if Sydney Leroux left Canada she's on a better team now and all she wants is to be respected. She doesn't want to be called a traitor. Even if she was. She's a really good player and that's all that matters.

  6. I know she would have played to the utmost of her ability regardless of what country she represented. Since she had an American father and a Canadian mother I can't say she "sold out" necessarily. If both parents were Canadian, maybe. Anyways I know she doesn't have a close relationship with her father but I hope things change for the better. She's talented, beautiful and has heart. What more could a father ask for?

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