How to Tattoo a Chair? P.Tendercool PT40 chair for CDC Thomas Erber 2014 at Siwilai

How to Tattoo a Chair? P.Tendercool PT40 chair for CDC Thomas Erber 2014 at Siwilai

Bangkok based Haute Manufacture design studio P.Tendercool created a unique chair for the 2014 edition of The Cabinets de Curiosites de Thomas Erber at Siwilai, Central Embassy Bangkok.
Thomas Erber’s design brief required a great sense of Thainess. Stephanie Grusenmeyer and Pieter Compernol, Belgian founders and design directors of P.Tendercool, quickly reflected about using Tattoos as a design feature of their PT40 chair. Tattoos have been of a huge cultural importance in Thailand for centuries and often reflect animistic & religious motifs.
Thai tattoo master Khun Vans tattoos a ‘spider woman’, designed by French Designer Jerome Barrier, inspired by IREZUMI, a 1966 film by director Yasuzo Masumura.
This video shows khun Van attacking the chair as if it were a life subject. The tattooed chair fits wonderful in P.Tendercools philosophy of ‘cross cultural creations’: designed by belgians, hand-cast by an Italian bronze master in Thailand, leather-stitched by Thai sellier, enriched by a Thai Tatooed drawing by a french artist who found inspiration in a Japanese cult film, for a design exposition curated by a Frenchman hosted in a Thai store…


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Cheyenne Professional Tattoo Equipment at Ink-N-Iron 2014

Cheyenne Hawk provides powerful tattoo machines for professional artist. The worldwide industry was sponsored at Long Beach’s Ink-N-Iron. From there on, this promotional clip compiles a variety of sponsored Cheyenne artist working on their clients from start to finish. This also demonstrates what the Cheyenne machines are capable of providing with the artist’s skills and final result.

The following clip features Boris, Randy Engelhard, Billi Murran, Biagio, Lalo Yunda, Carl Grace, Moni Marino, Remis Cizauskas, Josh Lin, etc. Thank you all for your cooperation.


Christiani Peluso

– Cinematographer
– Editor
– Visuals
– Sound Design/Mixing/Mastering

I have permission granted by Cheyenne Equipment that this can be uploaded, this is not a funded project and was created out of my own will.

24. Tattoo Convention Berlin 2014

Die 24. Tattoo Convention war wieder mal ein toller Sommerevent in Berlin. Wir sind mit Mel Riot und unserer Kamera auf der Convention unterwegs gewesen und präsentieren Euch ein diesmal fast dreißig Minuten langes Video mit hoffentlich interessanten Interviews und Eindrücken. Viel Spass beim Ansehen und danke, wenn Ihr durchhaltet. Liebe Grüße aus Berlin! Und es gibt was zu gewinnen! Hinweise dazu weiter unten!

Tanna – Geschäftsführerin True Rebel Tattoo, Model & Sternburgfan

Sängerin Daria:

Die fantastischen Bildbände der Edition Reuss findet Ihr hier:

Ariane Truisi, Körperschmuck:

Das Buch “I Love my Tattoo” von Ralf Mitsch gibt es hier:

Modelagentur Rolf Buchholz Guinness World Records: Most piercings, single count (male) Most body modifications (male) 453 piercings

Myriam von M. Fuck the Cancer

Nic Radiomoderatorin bei ENERGY Berlin 103,4

Eric Starchild Model,

Miss Juliet Mels Lieblingstätowiererin

Betty Bittersweet Model & Studentin

Jenny von Tattoo Med Tattoopflegeprodukte

Mels Outfit:
The Fistshop Piercings: Overknees by Rohmy van Sinn