The S8 Red Kit in Action – Available @ Kingpin Tattoo Supply

Here is a quick demo of the S8 Red Kit with the Spirit Pocketjet Thermal Printer.

The S8 Red Kit is the industry’s first thermal-ready red tattoo stencil! Each RED kit includes 25 sheets of RED Tattoo Stencil Paper, 25 packets of RED Stencil Transfer Gel, and 25 packets of RED Tattooing Gel.

You can learn more about the S8 Red Kit here:

You can learn more about the Spirit Pocketjet here:

DISCLAIMER: This is a video advertisement. No tattoos were made in this video.

DragonFly Tattoo Machine in action – Available at

Buy the Dragonfly From The final durability tests resulted in 3600 hours of non-stop action @ 14 volts with 23 magnum needles. Beyond our expectations! Durability tests The Dragonfly consists of more components and moving parts than a regular coil machine! This is of course a downside but in the end the benefits greatly overcomes the downsides. Our goal was to achieve a service life as close as possible to the durable coil machines and we are proud to say that we got truly respectable results. The final test machines lasted for over 5 months of non-stop action at 14 volts with 23 magnum needles in our test bench, without replacing one single part! This equals 3600 hours of effective running time. We calculate that the usage for a hard working professional tattoo artist is about 4 hours of effective time per day. Effective time means the time which the machine is actually running. Example: 300 working days per year = 1200 hours if you work with one machine only it will most likely run for over three years without replacing any spare parts. The normal voltage is also around 9-11 volts, not as high as 14 volts and that will extend lifetime further.
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