New Moon! What is that tattoo on the side of Jacob’s arm…? Read info!

New Moon! What is that tattoo on the side of Jacob's arm...? Read info!

Well? I guess we all won’t find out till the movie comes out. *sigh*. LOL obviously it’s some kind of werewolf marking or whatever! LOL Jacob felt rebellious so he went out and got a tattoo… And so did everyone else in the pack… They were drunk. JUST KIDDING! Sigh… See ya later! Oh, and don’t forget to post what YOU think! LOL! I don’t know why I’m laughing… Hehe…
Oh, and if you can’t read what it says in the credits, here it is-

Well? Maybe do you think that this is some weird tattoo thing that Chris Weitz put on for all of the werewolfs??? Maybe… Whatever it is, it looks HAWT! LOL! Jk. I mean it looks KEWL! Yeah…. Anyways post what you think it’s for! Once again, maybe that tattoo/mark magically appears when they first change into a werewolf… Post your comments! Thanks for letting me waste your time!

And here is teamjacobdude’s comment-
I can solve all of your problems! They make the actors have Cullen Crests in the Twilight movie to make it seam like the Cullens are a really united coven. So…they did the same with our beloved wolves! The wolves have tattoos to make it seam´╗┐ like they are all more united and one! That is what the tattoo is fore- besides just beeing so darn cute, becouse that was Taylor and Jacob are fore!
Thanks so much teamjacobdude!
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