Speaker Knockerz – Tattoos (Audio) (Explicit) (#MTTM2)

Music video for Tattoos (Audio) (Explicit) (#MTTM2) performed by Speaker Knockerz.

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Amplified – 24, “Tattoos and Plexi” SoundMan Car Audio, Santa Clarita, @SoundManCA

In this episode of Amplified, Spoon gets tatted up with a SoundMan logo. Allyn finally gets some time to finish the Riviera trunk. Jordan cranks out a re-install on a 2011 Camero. He rips out some Alpine PDX amps and a JBL MS8, and replaces it with an Audison LRX 5.1k and a Bit One. Allyn replaces the battery in his Lexus with an Intimidator. Spoon features JL RCA heads and shows how to use them for an HD amp high level in. Spoon and John install two JL Audio XD amps into a Chevy Tahoe along with an Audio Control LC6.