15+ Mother Daughter Tattoos That Show Their Unbreakable Bond

15+ Mother Daughter Tattoos That Show Their Unbreakable Bond

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15+ Mother Daughter Tattoos | The most beautiful tattoos

Brandon Bond- Tattoo Safety- All or Nothing Tattoo

Brandon Bond- Tattoo Safety- All or Nothing Tattoo



Q) Who was Brandon Bond before he was the tattoo artist?

A) I was a musician. I played guitar, keyboards, pianos, drums, and bass, anything that made noise. Tattooing was an easier way to make money so honestly, it was my second choice and I have always regretted that decision in a way.

Q) When you started All or Nothing Tattoo, it was just you and a couple of other artists. Today you have eleven tattoo artists and a piercer. Why you think all this grew so fast?

A) Actually, we have a staff of over seventy people including web guys, graphics guys etc. It grew as fast as it did because we are a family and we take care of each other. We are successful and that only attracts more successful and awesome people – my crew is my life and I love every single f@#king one of them.

Q) All the artists in your shop have a particular style and an excellent quality. How did you manage to form this team and how you do find the balance among so many styles and personalities in one place?

A) They always come to us because we are known for doing great art and taking great care of our artists! It’s like tattoo Valhalla here: created by artists for artists. I have never solicited a single staff member – there is actually a waiting list.

Q) Then, a year ago, you had the need to create A.N.T.I. Art Elite. Why the urge to open another space?

A) I needed a private space to tattoo and focus on art – business had consumed my life completely, so I needed a place for my artists and I to focus strictly on artwork all day without interruption – and it is amazing!! The work is better, not to mention the waterfalls, movie theaters, etched glass, and total freedom! No restrictions! No distractions!

Q) You are promoting some companies that sell tattoo equipment and aftercare products like Hardnox clothing and H2Ocean. Is this part of the businessman that you are, or from your experience have thought that these companies have some good stuff to offer?

A) We were one of the first tattoo shops to actually be publicly sponsored, and I think its a great idea. I would never endorse a product that is not awesome! We are approached by companies daily and I am only sponsored by five companies; therefore, we are extremely selective – only the best – ‘todo o nada’ style ya know! I endorse Hardnox clothes because I wear them everyday and they get you sex. I endorse H2Ocean aftercare because it works incredibly well. I endorse Kingpin Tattoo Supply because they have great stuff and only sell to licensed tattoo artists.
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Tattoo Merchandise: All or Nothing Tattoo and Brandon Bond Commercial



“This barrage of information is priceless, 15 long years in the making, from an artist who is ever changing our industry”. East Coast Ink Magazine

“Tattooing is my life, I have lived for nothing but this art form for 15 years, and this is a collection of the fruits of that labor, and will give the viewer absolutely everything we have discovered to date about this industry and the equipment we use.” – Brandon Bond

Some of the other topics include:

Selection of illustration

Photo reference

Body positioning

Tattooing throats


Cropping an image

Talking clients into bigger and better artwork

Beginning a custom portfolio



Ink selection

Supply Companies

Color palette


How to get a client to be able to sit longer


Negative space

When is a tattoo is really finished?

Tattoo Photography

“It is everything broken down into extreme simplicity, but is not intended for the lazy”. – Brandon Bond
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