Holidays Stress Free During Your Pregnancy Holidays Stress Free During Your Pregnancy Holidays can already be a stressful time, and mix that with pregnancy and hormones and you can be asking for trouble. Mark the Dates Go out and buy yourself a calendar for the holidays. Post it up on the wall and start marking dates. Choosing Your Activities During the holiday season you are sure to be invited to a couple of parties. Whether you want to stay home for the holidays with your own family or go across country to be with the entire family the decision should be yours. Designating Jobs If you’ve decided to have the holidays at your house you can still have a good time. Don’t forget that asking for help is okay. Shopping Time Shopping during the holiday season can be a nightmare that you don’t need to attempt while pregnant. You can even do all your holiday shopping early and have it delivered right to your front door. Remember the holiday season is all about making memories that’ll last. You may be pregnant but you don’t have to sit at home the whole time stressed out, instead you can actually enjoy yourself with these helpful tips.