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EVIL TATTOO STUDIO – www.eviltattoo.ru
Студия татуировки, которая собрала у себя исключительно профессиональных мастеров.
Мы используем только новейшее профессиональное оборудование, соблюдаем все меры безопастности и дезинфекции.
Мы любим татуировки и стараемся для Вас!
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Realistic tattoo black and gray by Tonho, evil dead cheyenne tattoo machine, tatuaje realista

Tattoo done in about 5 hours, more information for tattoos check out my website I do Tattoos in North New Jersey Area, Specialist in realistic tattoo black and gray or color, Custom Design, Tattoo Portrait, Horror Characters, and more check out my facebook/artbytonho Instagram:@artbytonho.. please leave your comment, the best realistic tattoo black and grey, tatuaje realista tonho is working in north new jersey area at two different tattoo shops Riders ink in Newark and Industrial Art in Bayonne NJ specialist in tattoo Realistic, tattoo Black and gray tattoo color, I like to use the best stuff in the market like eternal ink, intenze ink, cheyenne tattoo machine, dragonfly tattoo machine, stigma tattoo machine, power supply Eikon, I dont try to teach how to do tattoos, im still learnig i mean I never gonna stop learning, but if this video help to you will be great!
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Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil – Tattoo Timelapse

My client Dereck wanted a rendition of the hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil tattoo. He wanted to do the skulls and use money to convey his idea onto his chest. This was a very fun project!! -The score used in this video is by: Michael McCann “Icarus” on Dues Ex: Human Revolution.