My FIRST Tattoo Experience! ♡♡♡♡♡


I hope you all really enjoy this video and that it helps some of you decide whether a tattoo is in your nearest future 🙂
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My Rib Tattoo Experience!

My Rib Tattoo Experience!

*UPDATE* I will be uploading more videos in the future (around Christmas break), so stay tuned!!

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All About My Tattoo Experience: Pain, Meaning, and my artist!

Sorry if I’m a little quiet I’ve been sick lately but I got my first tattoo! In this video I tell you all about my experience, the meaning behind my tattoo, and who my artist is. The pain level I’d have to rate at a 6.5 it honestly wasn’t as bad as I thought. I also forgot to mention that I got my sunflower facing me and upwards just because it felt uplifting and to remind me of what my sunflower means. The vlog of my experience will be coming soon! I hope you enjoyed! comment any questions you have down below!
~Hugs and kisses!

My tattoo artist’s information:
Instagram: Zackphillipstattooer
Greenlight Tattoo 3609 South Blvd.

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My experience with Permanent Cosmetics with pics & video – Permanent Eyebrows

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Korean Eyebrow Tattoo Experience | Jenn Rogers

Korean Eyebrow Tattoo Experience | Jenn Rogers

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UPDATE | March 2016: I have no idea when I’ll visit the shop again, and I currently do not know the tattoo artist’s schedule for travel. I have listed her phone number below, so please call if you’re curious about prices and making an appointment.

UPDATE | October 2015: hi 🙂 if you are interested in the tattoo artist’s schedule in the states this winter but haven’t received a reply from me, it’s because when I clicked on your comment, the option to reply to you is not enabled in your settings. It’s not because I’ve forgotten about you, I promise! 🙂

This is a re-upload. YouTube took down my original video. :/

*VERY IMPORTANT FYI, the first round of tattooing will fade (quicker if your skin is oilier) so you do need to go in a week or so later for a second session.

Where I got my brows done:
Clara Makeover Queen
(located in Bundang, Korea)
Tel. 011-9454-8448 or 031-713-8444
If you’re calling from outside of Korea, South Korea’s country code is +82.
I don’t think they have a website, but if this changes, I’ll post it here.

INSTAGRAM → @mrs.jennrogers
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MY TATTOOS! | Experience, Pain, Cost etc

FINALLY a very long awaited video all about my tattoos-Enjoy! For more information please check the description box below xo

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My Sternum Tattoo Experience


*Explanation of the tattoo because I forgot to mention it in the video: The Claddagh is an Irish symbol that represents love, friendship, and loyalty. The Celtic knots on the sides of the design are another Irish symbol. There are 3 Shamrocks to represent the 3 members of my immediate family: me, my mom, and my dad. We are of Irish heritage so that’s why I wanted this Irish symbol tattooed on me. 🙂

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