Crazy people got worst Face Tattoos Ever Worst Forehead Tattoo Forehead Tattoos not looging good

Crazy people got worst Face Tattoos Ever Worst Forehead Tattoo Forehead Tattoos looking not good
In this video you can see worst face tattoos! Face tattoos are always flops, as the artwork is almost never looking good, everybody can see your tattoo, and it looks like rubbish. A lot of people who get shitty face tattoos don’t improve the infamy of the said tattoos. People tend to get random words in shaky scripts or dollar signs or poorly done, small traditional designs on their faces. Face tattoos have a quite a bad reputation, even among tattooed people.
People tend to associate face tattoos with dropouts, criminals, and someone who is either wasted or — enough to get a face tattoo. I know it doesn’t sound very nice the face is usually the first thing you look at in a person and it’s not a comfortable experience to be talking to someone who has ‘death’ scrawled over his eyebrow. And if that doesn’t intimidate you, it’s going to be pretty difficult trying not to be too obvious as you try to stare at their face tattoos at a closer range.

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Grasa Explains His 10 Face Tattoos Including His Eyelids and If He Regrets Them

* Parental Advisory: Explicit Content *

New Orleans rapper and Straight Drop Allstars member, Grasa, sits down with DJ Smallz and explains his 10 face tattoos including his eyelids, when and why he got them, if he has dealt with discrimination or stereotyping because of them and if he regrets them.

What do you think about Grasa’s face tats? Sound off by posting a comment below.

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Lil Wayne Gets Illuminati Tattoo on his FACE! – All-Seeing Eye on his CHIN

Lil Wayne was photographed with what looks to be a huge eye tattooed right on his chin. Due to his many other tattoos it wouldn’t be out of character for Little Wayne to ink one right on his chin. Some speculate that it’s only temporary. Many see this as an Illuminati all-seeing eye tattoo as well. And just when you thought he couldn’t get any uglier!

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Inside the Illuminati: Evidence, Objectives, and Methods of Operation

Soulja boy getting his face tattoos removed – Soulja boy tattoos – Soulja boy vs Kodak black

Soulja Boy Undergoing Surgery to Remove Face Tattoos

Soulja Boy, After:

Soulja Boy Without Face Tattoos No, it’s not make-up: Soulja Boy is definitely undergoing laser surgery to remove tattoos on his face, part of an effort to update his thuggish image for 2016. “I gotta switch the move up,” Soulja told host Nina Parker of VH1’s Love and Hip Hop Hollywood. “People say I’m a thug and all that s–t, so I’m getting laser done.”

“I made some mistakes when I was younger.”

Soulja Boy, a household name in hip-hop since 2007, may be trying to shape a new, more respectable career phase. But his decision to start removing his facial tattoos may have started by in 2011, with the complicated, gradual removal process requiring years of work (and painful sessions).

Separately, Soulja (real name: DeAndre Cortez Way) defended his claims of having a net worth of more than million, telling skeptical attendees to ‘Google it.’ “What, go check it, Google it! Go look it up!” Soulja Boy defensively exclaimed. “What the f–k I gotta lie about, sitting on public, national TV and say some s–t that ain’t true. Google it, I’m worth million, but I’m not the type to go around boasting it. I had a few –”

[crowd laughter]

Nina Parker: I don’t know about that part…”

The remainder of Soulja Boy’s body remains heavily tattooed, and it’s unclear if the rapper is undergoing any additional removals beyond his facial area.

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Trump, Elsa, & Children’s Face Tattoos! DUMB FLASH GAMES #17

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What Women’s Face Tattoos Mean

In many places, face tattoos are controversial and rarely seen on female faces. But indigenous cultures around the world have developed rich, symbolic traditions of tattooing women’s faces. And it’s a beautiful thing.


More than ink: Traditional tattoos roar back in Alaska

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Join Cristen to get down to the business of being a woman and all the Stuff Mom Never Told You about bodies, boys and the female brain.
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Skinhead (80s) on street spider tattoo on face

Skinhead (80s) on street spider tattoo on face

A short video (sorry for the bad quality but its an old video) of an English Skinhead with a spider tattoo on his face. This video dates back from the 80´s.
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Ein kurzes Video aus den achtziger Jahren von einem Skinhead mit Spinne Tattoo im Gesicht. Leider schlechte Qualität da das Material über 20 Jahre alt ist.
Schau meine webseite an für weitere Skinhead und Punk Bildergalerien, gebrauchte und neue stiefel, jacken, tshirts
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