30 Best First Tattoo Ideas for Guys

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Getting your first tattoo can be intimidating not only because there is some pain involved, but because it is a lifetime commitment, not to be easily erased. So you should not rush into getting a tattoo.

You should choose a tattoo you will be happy with not only today, but even 10-20 years later. You also need to consider its effects on your family and friends’ perception of you, how it’ll affect your present and future jobs and of course, how it affects you.

Where you want it

When you are sure you want a tattoo, you next need to determine where you plan to have it as it’s based on the location that you can decide on the tattoo design. Don’t worry, you have lots of options to choose from as all parts of your body provide the right canvas for a tattoo.

Arm tattoos are the most popular with several choices like full arm, upper half sleeve from the shoulder to elbow, lower half sleeve from the elbow to wrist and quarter sleeve from the shoulder to mid-upper arm. You can use tattoos with thematic elements for larger arm designs while tattoos focusing on one thing are better for smaller areas.

Back tattoos are meant for the bold hearted as this is where the biggest tattoo can be inked. The shoulder is also a popular location which covers the area from the joint to the back shoulder blade.

Choose your design

Once the body area is determined, you need to find a design which depends on various factors like subject matter, style and color. Tribal designs are popular with men and are typically uncolored with thick angular black lines used for drawing dramatic patterns to display their strength and masculinity. Crosses and other religious symbols are also popular as they are enduring symbols of hope, faith and remembrance.

Designs celebrating heritage like Celtic knots and artwork are popular first tattoos for guys. The name of the girlfriend is another common tattoo with guys just like tattoos of pin-up girls and scantily clad ladies.

Choose the right professional

Another popular first tattoo idea is words like sayings, names and quotes as they are highly personal designs which have a special meaning to the wearer. They are usually etched to celebrate a life event like marriage, the birth of a child or to honor a passed loved one’s memory.

Whatever the reason or place you plan to have a tattoo, and no matter which first tattoo ideas for guys you like, it’s important you get it done at an experienced and reputed tattoo parlor. With the right research and the right professional, you will be proud of your tattoo.

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Brooklyn Beckham gets first tattoo of a Native American

Heavily-inked David Beckham takes teenage son Brooklyn, 18, to get his first tattoo… and he chooses a Native American illustration ‘just like dad’s’.
From his hair to his football academy training, Brooklyn Beckham is slowing morphing into his famous father David.
But the teenager, 18, got a permanent inking ‘just like dad’s’ on Saturday, following in his father’s footsteps with his very first tattoo.

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My First Tattoo ( @Adrenaline Toronto)

Me getting my first tattoo at Adrenaline on Queen Street in Toronto, Canada. The tattoo artists name is Alie K. and the design is by one of my favourite artists Keith Haring, search him up!

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My FIRST Tattoo Experience! ♡♡♡♡♡


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