Whats Up everyone?! Hawaii Part 3 is out! We checked out some cool places this day! We started at the famous Dole Plantation. There was so much to do there and the Dole Whip was AMAZING! After all hat fun we went to visit the famous Giovannis Shrimp Truck which was sooo good! Make sure to watch the vid to see hat we do after all that too! If you liked the Video, give us a BIG thumbs up, comment your favorite part down below, and if you aren’t already subscribed, click that button to enjoy all of our videos with us! Peace out everybody!

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Brooklyn Beckham gets first tattoo of a Native American

Heavily-inked David Beckham takes teenage son Brooklyn, 18, to get his first tattoo… and he chooses a Native American illustration ‘just like dad’s’.
From his hair to his football academy training, Brooklyn Beckham is slowing morphing into his famous father David.
But the teenager, 18, got a permanent inking ‘just like dad’s’ on Saturday, following in his father’s footsteps with his very first tattoo.

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Lil Wayne Gets Illuminati Tattoo on his FACE! – All-Seeing Eye on his CHIN

Lil Wayne was photographed with what looks to be a huge eye tattooed right on his chin. Due to his many other tattoos it wouldn’t be out of character for Little Wayne to ink one right on his chin. Some speculate that it’s only temporary. Many see this as an Illuminati all-seeing eye tattoo as well. And just when you thought he couldn’t get any uglier!

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Inside the Illuminati: Evidence, Objectives, and Methods of Operation

David Beckham Gets a New Tattoo

David Beckham, former soccer superstar and spouse to Victoria Beckham, is fond of the needle. He has amassed dozens of tattoos over the years and yesterday he added one more to his impressive “body” of work.
The chiseled celeb posted a photo of his brand new ankle tattoo featuring a man and a woman running and holding a piece of cloth over their heads.
David captioned the picture, “Great new piece from Mark Mahoney at shamrock… Always nice to sit and listen to marks conversation for 5 hours whilst watching him work… True artist

See Where David Beckham Got a Big, New Tattoo


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Selena Gomez Gets New Back Tattoo

Selena Dated Who?! ►►
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Selenas got some new ink thanks to serial tattoo artist Bang Bang McCurdy. Double Bang reveals to E! news that Selena got the new body ink “about a month ago” and had been wanting it for awhile. The tat on the right side of her back appears to be written in Arabic which translates to “Love Yourself First.” Gomez got the tattoo while she was still in New York and she “already had it written out how she wanted” said Bang. He went on to explain QUOTE – “The tattoo is about 4 inches, and didn’t take too long, probably about 30-45 minutes.” Well it looks awesome and Bang Bang revealed that “She loved it; she flipped out!” and it’s a good thing cus that shiz is there for life. Selena is no stranger to body ink — having 5-6 tats already — and apparently she’s not done. Bang Bang says “When we did that one, she was talking about another one, but we haven’t talked plans just yet. There are always plans to do another one.” And if Bang Bang sounds familiar to you, it’s probably because he is the same tattoo artist to the stars who’s orchestrated some of Bieber’s ink. In fact Selena introduced the two. Apparently during one of her past tattoo sessions with Bang she said, “you’re going to tattoo my boyfriend” — and so he did. What do you guys think of the new body art? Let it be known in the comments below and I’d love to hear some tattoo back stories from any of you who may be inked. Be sure to subscribe to our channel for entertainment updates and click right over here to learn about 9 guys Selena has dated – Tatted and un-tatted. Thanks for watching Clevver News, I’m your host Dana Ward and I’ll see you guys later.

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