Tattoo Kits from LA-tattoo-shop in the work in a tattoo studio “Friendship tattoos”

Tattoo Kits from LA-tattoo-shop in the work in a tattoo studio

Works were carried out on induction tattoo machines – liner 11-18rl (Maxim Zhuravlev), as well as on the rotor to dot work, and a power supply for a tattoo machine G105 and two tattoo machines G107 (Leonid Gayko).
Masters noted the ease of tattoo machines, the quality of the lines, ease of use and insignificant paint consumption, power supply units showed stable performance throughout the session, four hours was to complete five works with drawing lines and dot work
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PES 2016 | Nuevo PTE Patch 7.0, Tattoos, Kits, Balls. 2016/17 (Unofficial)


Hola Amigos esta versión de PTE Patch no es oficial del equipo de PTE PATCH esta vesión lo hice yo Pes Patch 16 si desean instalar continue con los enlaces de descarga.


Importante tener instalado el PTE Patch 6.0:

– Links de descarga PTE 7.0 MEGA 200 MB

Total (629MB)

-Mega 1:
-Mega 2:
-Mega 3:
-Mega 4:

Links MediaFire

-MediaFire 1:
-MediaFire 2:
-MediaFire 3:
-MediaFire 4:


(((Nota: Respeta los enlaces originales.)))

Link DpFileList Generator v1.6 DLC 4.0 Compatible con el PTE Patch 6.0 :



Konami, PES Logos, danyy77, buffon99, klashman69, zlac, Jenkey, cabry, fruits, moody,
pesmonkey, -InMortal-, gabe.paul.logan, pimplo, donkscrispo, muske25, nemesisk, gasparzinho,
VinVanDam, Estarlen Silva, a7med sb, cRoNoSHaCk, barcafan, Tunizizou, ramy, Tasci, Cuky, Maritimo,
AMussolini, steadyontherem8, Wens, Tisera09, killer1896,, Znovik_S, pantelg7, rednik,
Kairzhanov_21, spiritusanto, KOH, HD3011, Hawke, Andry_Dexter11, MarioMilan, smeagol75, starvin, juce,
NikoLiberty4, boonaun, Txak, Tizziano, TwistedLogic, basilhspa013, Kuzmich, GOALARG, Swoosh1968,
Bilgehan Alpaydin, Baris Yerlikaya, Killacarrillo, Shram, l4vezz1, oxarapesedit, vangheljs, AdrianMedina,
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Lucas, Tarcisio, Cleiton Silva, Lucas Horst, Steet, saviogoncalves1995, Memer, Jack, Lincoln, Daniel, Gleidson,
Bou7a, Smith, Eliel, Marceu Edit, JesusHrs, templates kits passaco2009.




Pack de Estadios by ESTARLEN SILVA (MEGA)

Stadiums parte 1:
Stadiums parte 2:
Stadiums parte 3:
Stadiums parte 4:
Stadiums parte 5:

password: PesPatch16

size( 1,7GB )


Link :



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Tútorial Ingles by Del Choc :

Mas Aportes para pes 2016 :

PES 2016 | New Boot Pack • Junio• season 2016/17 • V5.0 • HD | MEGA :

PES 2016 |New Mini Facepack Real Madrid + Face & hair L. Messi • 2016/17 :

Descarga e instala new PTE Patch 6.0 Final :

mas información :

Facebook: Pes Patch 16.
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Tattoo Kits for Sale 1(800)883-1532

Tattoo Kits for Sale 1(800)883-1532 Cheap priced Tattoo Kits that are high quality. Free Shipping now if you act now. Order online or call 1(800)883-1532 we care about you and we understand shop owners here to help with all you supply needs from needs to machines and power supplies and much more.
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Best Tattoo Kits On The Market ? Top 5 Tattoo Kit

1. Solong Tattoo® Complete Tattoo Kit 4 Pro Machine Guns 54 Inks Power Supply Foot Pedal Needles Grips Tips TK458

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5. GRINDER Complete Tattoo Kit by Pirate Face Tattoo / 4 Tattoo Machine Guns – Power Supply / 7 Ink by Radiant Colors – Made in the USA / LCD Power Supply / 50 Needles / PLUS Accessories
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Tattoo machine kits for sale: Ideal Inclination of body image

Tattoo machine kits for sale: Ideal Inclination of body image

This is a sweet kit if you are a little tight on cash. This kit is complete and includes everything you need to carve out some awesome tattoo’s. With the 2 cast iron guns and the 1 metal you have a few choices when it comes to your machines. There are 7 inks so you can get creative with the tattoo designs if you choose to. For the price you can beat this tattoo kit. Order one of these babies now and get your tattoo career started!

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SHARK TATTOO is one brand new & professional tattoo machine supplier.
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