Chris Knows Best! The Right Tattoo Machine For You

Chris Knows Best! The Right Tattoo Machine For You

Los Angeles Body & Soul Lead Artist/Instructor Chris “Dolphin” Coles has an enormous sense of quality doing his work, and he guides us in the world of Tattoo Machines, showing us the best choices you could have to express your art over skin in a responsible way.
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How To Make Tattoo Machine at Home – Very Easy and Simple (Homemade Tattoo Gun with DC Motor)

Hi everyone, today I’m gonna show you how to make a tattoo machine at home. I hope you enjoyed my video.

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Create A Monster High Doll Design Lab Maker with Water Chamber Machine – Video

Step in the lab and create something creepy cool! This Monster High Design Doll Lab lets you create your own monster! Place her in the chamber, add water and tattoos of your choice and watch the machine work its magic by pumping water into the machine! Wowz too cool!

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The Architect Tattoo Pen, Hybrid Tattoo Machine Rotary Gun

The Architect Tattoo Pen is designed to be as powerful as a coil tattoo machine but versatile as a pen. The Architect is similar in size to a big magic marker and weighs only 6oz. The robust Zero R motor gives plenty of strength yet gently lays in the ink at lower rpms. The ability to softly coast along in low voltage makes the Architect an ideal shader and the way you hold the Architect as opposed to a coil or rotary tattoo machine with grip, really makes a difference in the way you can shade with it. It can lay in lines as well if you turn up the voltage but it is more suited towards shading, save the lining work for a dedicated fast and hard hitting coil or rotary, pens just aren’t designed to be go to liners.

The Architect Tattoo Pen is made out of CNC aircraft aluminum alloy with an anodized finish. The motor is a Zero R 4.5w watt motor. The operating voltage is 7-12V and it is compatible with all types of tattoo power supply units. Comes complete with phono, RCA and mini plug adapter with a 7 foot long extender cable. RPM range stitches per second at 8V = 8000rpm, min 8-800 per second. The needle stroke is 3,5mm and the depth is adjustable to between 0 to 4mm.

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Compresser Temporvary tattoo making machine airbrush tattoo

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