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MGK loves his dad, his grandma, and George Orwell’s classic dystopian novel, 1984.

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SparkFun 3D Printed Tattoo Machine

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Pro Micro – 5V/16MHz:
SparkFun Motor Driver – Dual TB6612FNG (1A):
Rotary Potentiometer – 10k Ohm, Linear:
Foot Pedal Switch:
Micro Gearmotor – 4900 RPM (6-12V):
Micro Gearmotor – Enclosure:

Today on Tech Talk Tuesday, we’re gonna talk about tattoo machines! If you’ve seen me on the site before, you’ve probably noticed that I have a few tattoos and I’m not the only one. In fact, almost half of all adults between 26 and 40 have at least one tattoo. Turns out they’re not just for sailors anymore! That being said, most people aren’t aware that the modern tattoo machine was essentially invented by our old friend (or nemesis?) Thomas Edison.

You see, in 1876, Edison patented a device which he called a Stencil-Pen. While the first iteration of this device used a rotary drive, a patent filed the following year would almost pass for a modern tattoo machine and it was intended for making stencils. A pair of coils would drive a needle up and down at a rate of up to 50 cycles per second and the user would write or draw with the needle in order to punch a series of tiny holes in heavy paper. The perforated paper could then be used to roll ink through and make several duplicates of the image. This technology never really caught on; However, in 1891, a fellow named Samuel O’Reilly had the bright idea to modify the original rotary Stencil-Pen for making tattoos. Sam even received a patent for his addition of an ink tube to act as a reservoir. Just a few weeks after Mr. O’Reilly built his tattoo machine based on the rotary action of the original Stencil-Pen, a Mr. Thomas Riley adapted the coil-driven design for tattooing.

The coil-driven tattoo machine saw several incremental improvements over the years and it’s still the preferred “iron” for most artists. If you’ve ever been in a tattoo parlor, you’ve heard the buzzing of a coil machine. It’s easy to adjust the speed, depth and throw of a coil-based machine, and they’re easy to repair. That doesn’t mean, however, that the rotary machine disappeared entirely. Manfred-Kohrs improved on O’Reilly’s rotary design in 1978 and used it to tattoo several notable musicians, artists and celebrities. Today, companies such as Welker, Bishop and Sabre still produce and sell rotary tattoo machines. Because of the ubiquity of small electric motors, rotary machines are also the DIY tattoo machine of choice.
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LACEnano™ Rotary Tattoo Machine


Each LACEnano brushless magnetic drive rotary tattoo machine is machined from the best quality air grade aluminium. Only the best materials and components are used throughout. From the dental grade bearings to the custom autoclavable brushless motor. This is why it is the lightest tattoo machine ever, weighing in at only 45g.

LACEnano Brushless System

Gone are the days of heavy and weak rotaries with brushed motors. The custom brushless motor that is the heart of the LACEnano tattoo machine has a 6x higher power to weight ratio than the best brushed motors out there. It is also fully autoclavable and with no brushes to wear out it has almost an infinite lifetime.

Another point is that you can go as low as you want in the RPM range and still keep all the power, you just can’t do this with a classic brushed rotary.

LACEnano Power Supply

A special algorithm is needed to drive the brushless motor, so you get a LACEnano Power Supply with every machine. It’s super easy to use; just rotate the single knob to adjust the speed from as low as 2000 RPM all the way up to the flying 8000 RPM

LACEnano Magnetic Drive

This is what it’s all about. There is no physical connection between the motor and the armature bar. This means the motor cannot bog down under heavy work, you can adjust the stroke and give on the fly and you get a really natural progressive give unlike anything you felt before.

There are NO springs or rubber membranes working against the needle anywhere on the machine. This means the hit of the needle is totally crisp and defined. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll never go back.

Unlimited Adjustability

The stroke is infinitely adjustable between 06mm.
The give is also infinitely adjustable from rock hard to soft as a feather.
You can adjust both in 2 seconds with your thumb with gloves on, while tattooing; no more buying and changing expensive cams.
No Maintenance

There is no need to lubricate any part of the LACEnano tattoo machine. And when you need to clean it, you can just throw the whole thing, motor and all, into the autoclave. No dis-assembly or anything, how about that.

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