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Hey guys! This video is all about my tattoos and piercings. I have two tattoos and six piercings and in this video, I explain the meaning behind them, why I got them, the pain, the pricing and much more! I hope you guys enjoy this video, if you want to see a more in depth tattoo video on how much it hurt, how you should choose your tattoo artist/parlor, etc. I would definitely be happy to film it for ya’ll!

Name: Bri
Age: 19
Location: Boston
Camera: Canon Rebel T6i

Fun facts: My nose is shaped like a heart, I can sing the ABC’s backwards, I’m obsessed with makeup/cosmetics, piercings, tattoos, the beach, fashion and DIY’s.

What you can expect on my channel: Honestly, just expect my weirdness to show in every video


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Giant Cysts and World’s Largest Growths, Eye Tattoos, and Much More

This video shows a child with a mass growing over his eye. It has Dr. Lee removing a cyst. It shows eye tattoos and it shows somebody who swallowed batteries. The intent is to educate and encourage discussion. Please comment below and discuss with the other viewers. I am sure they have some neat, funny and educational things to say! 🙂 Enjoy

Dr. Sandra Lee clip used with permission. Subscribe to her channel:

We are not doctors. Go talk to a professional for real medical and dermatology advice!

About the child at the beginning, “An 8-year-old boy presented with a fungating mass arisingfrom the right eye. The swelling was small initially but itwas neglected by the parents. The child was instead subjectedto irrational aboriginal treatment over a period of one year. On examination, there was a 15 � 10 cm exophytic mass arising from the right orbit (Figs 1A and B). In addition thechild had a soft tissue deposit along the temporal region, alarge parotid mass and multiple cervical lymph nodes. MRIrevealed a large lobulated mass in the orbit encasing theproximal third of optic nerve with large nodal masses in thepreauricular, parotid, submandibular and carotid spaces,displacing the carotid vessels (Figs 2A to C). Biopsy showeda nonteratoid medulloepithelioma. A CT scan of the thoraxdid not reveal any pulmonary metastases.
In view of the extensive locoregional diseasechemotherapy (ifosfamide, cisplatin and etoposide) wascommenced. However, after three cycles of chemotherapythere was no clinicoradiological change in the extent ofdisease. At this stage surgery was planned and an orbitalexenteration with excision of the temporal fossa mass, totalparotidectomy, and modified neck dissection was performed(Figs 3A to D). The patient had an uneventful postoperativerecovery. He also received radiotherapy (50.4 Gy) to theright side of face and neck.”

World’s Greatest Medical:


World’s Greatest Blackheads:

What causes pimples?

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