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Tattoo Removal of Skulls Tattoo on Neck at Dr. TATTOFF Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic in Houston, Texas

Book your appointment for tattoo removal in Houston.
Multiple skulls are removed during a laser tattoo removal procedure on a patient’s neck at a Dr. TATTOFF clinic in Houston, Texas. Dr. TATTOFF operates 2 Laser Tattoo Clinics in Texas, Houston and Dallas, a 4 tattoo removal clinics in Southern California. 888-828-8633

Dr. TATTOFF provides professional laser tattoo removal and laser hair removal services at our clinics in California and Texas including Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, San Fernando Valley, Inland Empire – Montclair, CA, and in Texas – Dallas and Houston.

For more information on laser tattoo removal or to book an appointment for tattoo removal or laser hair removal visit our website at: or call 888-828-8633

Dr. TATTOFF clinics have performed hundreds of thousands of procedures in California and Texas.

The majority of tattoos can be removed with 5 to 15 tattoo removal treatments and each tattoo removal treatment takes anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes.

Dr. TATTOFF’s Chairman of the Board is Dr. Eugene Bauer who is a world renowned Dermatologist and recognized as a leading expert in the field of dermatology.

Dr. Will Kirby, D.O. FAOCD, a board certified dermatologist, is the Medical Director of Dr. TATTOFF and recognized as a leading authority in the field of laser tattoo removal.

Dr, TATTOFF uses the Kirby-Desai tattoo removal scale to accurately estimate the number of treatments required to remove your tattoo and we back our estimate with our Tattoo Removal Guarantee.

For more information on Laser Tattoo Removal Service visit:

Four convenient Dr.TATTOFF laser tattoo removal locations to serve you in the greater Los Angeles area including Beverly Hills, San Fernando Valley, Montclair and Santa Ana in Orange County. Additional locations in Dallas and Houston Texas. Opening soon in Phoenix / Scottsdale, AZ., Miami and Orlando, FL.
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AVRIL LAVIGNE NECK TATTOO!!! – Zac Efron Looks HOT! – Japan Jokes?

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2. Do you like Avril Lavigne’s safety pin tattoo? Would you get a tat on your neck?

3. Who are you rooting for to Win Genuine Ken? Curtis or Chris?

4. Do you think jokes about the disaster in Japan are ok or offensive? DISCUSS!!

5. What was your FIRST ALBUM purchase? Did you listen to the WHOLE THING or just some songs??


About this episode:
Avril Lavigne got a tatttoo of a safety pin! Zac Efron is looking good! Genuine Ken finale preview! Gilbert Gottfried gets fired for making Japan jokes! Bon Jovi says Steve Jobs ruined music! WHAT THE BUCK?!! Thanks for watching- liking-commenting- sharing! It all helps!
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