The Most Insane Body Art on People You Need To See!

top 10 unsual people with incredible work of art on their bodies!
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For years body art was considered taboo and those that chose to become a human canvas were looked upon with distrust. In recent years, body art has become more accepted in modern culture and has been gaining more and more popularity. Using paints, tattoo machines and needles, artists are turning their canvases into some incredible. Permanent or not, these astounding images catch the eye and dazzle us, even causing second glances to take it all in. Whichever medium an artist chooses, these masterpieces are something to behold. Working with the natural curves and dents of human flesh, artists transform their creations from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

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Tattoo Preparation ( Everything you need to know before tattooing )

Hey guys Dre here and today we’re talking about the steps before you start tattooing. We’re going over:
Setting up your gun
Medical preparation
Preparing the surface
Applying stencil
Tattoo prep
Link for Transfer paper
This video will go threw everything a new artist needs to know before starting a tattoo

Hey YouTube I’m Dre! Im a tattoo artist and i’ve been doing this for about 6 years off and on. I recently decided to get back into the industry and really take my career seriously when and I saw that nothing has changed. Its still the same scattered YouTube videos from 4 years ago and they don’t let you know what steps you need to take to become an artist. That’s what this channel is about, ALL ABOUT TATTOO’S! There’s so many new tattoo artist with a new tattoo kit and no idea what to do next. Some don’t even know where to get the kit from. This channel will assist new artist on what equipment they need, how to set it up, how to tune your machine, tattoo prep, stencil and stencil application, lining and shading, and taking care of the tattoo after work is finish. We will go over the best deals and the best equipment, also where to get it from. Also we’re going to go over how much you can expect to spend. We’re going threw every step a new artist will need to take from start to finish.
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This Is What You Need To Know Before Getting A Henna Tattoo

Henna tattoos have been described as the must try beauty trend this festival season. However women have adorned their bodies with this plant based dye for centuries, across several cultures. In this installment of Hannahgram, Hannah Bronfman caught up with henna tattoo artist Zahra Virji to learn why this international practice has exploded in popularity all over U.S. and find out what you need to know before incorporating the intricate process into your beauty routine.

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