Tattoo Roulette: People Play Carnival Game For Awful Tattoos [LABS]

Remember the Plinko game on ‘The Price is Right’? At Elite Daily, we took it a whole other level. Introducing…’Tattoo Plinko’.

We enlisted one of the most highly credible tattoo artists in the game, Kaves from Brooklyn Made Tattoos, to give some of the most thrill-seeking New York City residents some crazy tattoos.

Step 1: Place the puck in the Plinko board to determine your tattoo. Some of the insane tattoos include, ‘come, come, my lady’ written in Comic Sans font and a beautiful portrait of Donald Trump’s toupee.

Step 2: Place the puck in the board to determine the placement of your tattoo, no backing out now!

Move over Bob Barker, ‘Tattoo Plinko’ is about to be the next big craze.

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Tattoo Artist: Mr. Kaves

Erena Washington
Ryan O’Shea
Nathan Margolis
Thiago Piccoli
Erin Bailey
Sal Ramirez
Yannick Vias
Isaac Volbrecht
Marvin Gonzalez
Ally Allen
Juan Batista
Niko Nieves

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Crazy people got worst Face Tattoos Ever Worst Forehead Tattoo Forehead Tattoos not looging good

Crazy people got worst Face Tattoos Ever Worst Forehead Tattoo Forehead Tattoos looking not good
In this video you can see worst face tattoos! Face tattoos are always flops, as the artwork is almost never looking good, everybody can see your tattoo, and it looks like rubbish. A lot of people who get shitty face tattoos don’t improve the infamy of the said tattoos. People tend to get random words in shaky scripts or dollar signs or poorly done, small traditional designs on their faces. Face tattoos have a quite a bad reputation, even among tattooed people.
People tend to associate face tattoos with dropouts, criminals, and someone who is either wasted or — enough to get a face tattoo. I know it doesn’t sound very nice the face is usually the first thing you look at in a person and it’s not a comfortable experience to be talking to someone who has ‘death’ scrawled over his eyebrow. And if that doesn’t intimidate you, it’s going to be pretty difficult trying not to be too obvious as you try to stare at their face tattoos at a closer range.

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The Most Insane Body Art on People You Need To See!

top 10 unsual people with incredible work of art on their bodies!
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For years body art was considered taboo and those that chose to become a human canvas were looked upon with distrust. In recent years, body art has become more accepted in modern culture and has been gaining more and more popularity. Using paints, tattoo machines and needles, artists are turning their canvases into some incredible. Permanent or not, these astounding images catch the eye and dazzle us, even causing second glances to take it all in. Whichever medium an artist chooses, these masterpieces are something to behold. Working with the natural curves and dents of human flesh, artists transform their creations from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

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40 People That Got The Worst Tattoos EVER #7 || Funny Bad Tattoo Fails Compilation 2017

40 People That Got The Worst Tattoos EVER #7 || Funny Bad Tattoo Fails Compilation 2017

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Music by Kevin MacLeod /Pilot Error/


OIS – People & Places – RECYCLE Tattoo Studio

OIS - People & Places - RECYCLE Tattoo Studio

Quay trở lại sau kỳ nghỉ dài, Only In Saigon đưa người xem đến với một tattoo studio không giống với bất kỳ studio nào khác tại Sài Gòn.

Cùng lắng nghe những chia sẻ của Bin – người sáng lập Recycle Tattoo Studio – để hiểu được quan niệm và triết lý của anh trong công việc, cuộc sống và cảm hứng anh thiết kế nên studio của mình.

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