OMG! Septum Piercing | DOES IT HURT?!?

It’s a brand new year so I want to share a brand new experience with you guys when I got my septum piercing two weeks ago. It’s healing really well!

Atomic Tattoo and Piercing:

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Crazy Piercing To Blow Your Mind (part #2)

Crazy Piercing To Blow Your Mind (part #2)

Whether you find weird piercings intriguing or repulsive, it’s hard not to check them out! Here’s a second collection of weird piercings that will blow your mind! Enjoy TOP Extremely Crazy and Dangerous Piercings to Blow Your Mind.
part #1 –

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Living Canvas Tattoo, Body Piercing and Art Gallery Google Street View 360° Tour Columbia MO

Just one of the panoramas in the tour we did for Living Canvas Tattoo, Body Piercing and Art Studio in Downtown Columbia, MO.
Thanks Dean for letting us show off your awesome business!
QuantumDS is a Google Trusted Photographer serving all of Mid Missouri.
Link to Google Maps See Inside Tour:

Link to Living Canvas Website: Online Local Business Solutions Quantum Digital Solutions LLC
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I MIEI PIERCING E TATTOO !!! – Significati e segretucci –

Ciao a tutti ragazzi e ragazze !!! Sono tornata con un nuovo video finalmente dedicato, a grande richiesta a tutti i miei tatuaggi e piercing ! Buona Visione !








Enjoy the pain and agony of me getting my first tattoo ever, and I also decided to pierce my cartilage last minute. Let me know what you think!

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Get Free Mysterious Tattoo of your Luck – Tattoo Designs Piercing

Would you let someone give you a free mystery tattoo?
At the centre of a gallery is a hole in a wall. Behind it is renowned tattoo artist Scott Campbell. He tattoos for free any arm that comes through.
But there is no communication, and the person only discovers what it is after it is finished.
Campbell has teamed up with Lazarides Gallery in London for his project Whole Glory.
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3D Tattoos: Tattoo Pictures, Tattoo Gallery, Tattoo Designs, Flash Body Piercing

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3D Tattoos: Tattoo Pictures, Tattoo Gallery, Tattoo Designs, Flash Body Piercing
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