The Architect Tattoo Pen, Hybrid Tattoo Machine Rotary Gun

The Architect Tattoo Pen is designed to be as powerful as a coil tattoo machine but versatile as a pen. The Architect is similar in size to a big magic marker and weighs only 6oz. The robust Zero R motor gives plenty of strength yet gently lays in the ink at lower rpms. The ability to softly coast along in low voltage makes the Architect an ideal shader and the way you hold the Architect as opposed to a coil or rotary tattoo machine with grip, really makes a difference in the way you can shade with it. It can lay in lines as well if you turn up the voltage but it is more suited towards shading, save the lining work for a dedicated fast and hard hitting coil or rotary, pens just aren’t designed to be go to liners.

The Architect Tattoo Pen is made out of CNC aircraft aluminum alloy with an anodized finish. The motor is a Zero R 4.5w watt motor. The operating voltage is 7-12V and it is compatible with all types of tattoo power supply units. Comes complete with phono, RCA and mini plug adapter with a 7 foot long extender cable. RPM range stitches per second at 8V = 8000rpm, min 8-800 per second. The needle stroke is 3,5mm and the depth is adjustable to between 0 to 4mm.

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Обзор STINGRAY X2 Rotary Tattoo Machines Серия №2

Обзор STINGRAY X2 Rotary Замена амортизатора
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LACEnano™ Rotary Tattoo Machine


Each LACEnano brushless magnetic drive rotary tattoo machine is machined from the best quality air grade aluminium. Only the best materials and components are used throughout. From the dental grade bearings to the custom autoclavable brushless motor. This is why it is the lightest tattoo machine ever, weighing in at only 45g.

LACEnano Brushless System

Gone are the days of heavy and weak rotaries with brushed motors. The custom brushless motor that is the heart of the LACEnano tattoo machine has a 6x higher power to weight ratio than the best brushed motors out there. It is also fully autoclavable and with no brushes to wear out it has almost an infinite lifetime.

Another point is that you can go as low as you want in the RPM range and still keep all the power, you just can’t do this with a classic brushed rotary.

LACEnano Power Supply

A special algorithm is needed to drive the brushless motor, so you get a LACEnano Power Supply with every machine. It’s super easy to use; just rotate the single knob to adjust the speed from as low as 2000 RPM all the way up to the flying 8000 RPM

LACEnano Magnetic Drive

This is what it’s all about. There is no physical connection between the motor and the armature bar. This means the motor cannot bog down under heavy work, you can adjust the stroke and give on the fly and you get a really natural progressive give unlike anything you felt before.

There are NO springs or rubber membranes working against the needle anywhere on the machine. This means the hit of the needle is totally crisp and defined. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll never go back.

Unlimited Adjustability

The stroke is infinitely adjustable between 06mm.
The give is also infinitely adjustable from rock hard to soft as a feather.
You can adjust both in 2 seconds with your thumb with gloves on, while tattooing; no more buying and changing expensive cams.
No Maintenance

There is no need to lubricate any part of the LACEnano tattoo machine. And when you need to clean it, you can just throw the whole thing, motor and all, into the autoclave. No dis-assembly or anything, how about that.

Tattoo Topic – Rotary or Coil Machines?

Tattoo Topic - Rotary or Coil Machines?

SullenTV presents Tattoo Topic. In this episode we ask tattoo artists: “If you could only have one machine, would it be Rotary or Coil?”,,,, ,,

Ryan Jenkins: Originally from Los Angeles, Ryan has tattooed in major cities across the U.S. including Las Vegas, Houston, Los Angeles, Riverside, and Orange County. Ryan’s most notable for realism in fine art and reflects in his tattooing.

Tony Linville: People call me Tbones. I started tattooing in 2011 after a two year Apprenticeship in Las Vegas and California. I’ve been tattooing at Goodfellas Tattoo studio in Orange California for the past year. I Love tattooing, it’s taken me all over the world to learn and do art. It’s my passion and my life. I’ve tattooed in countries from the UK to Scandinavia(Norway, Sweden, And Copenhagen) Amsterdam, Germany and some others to name a few. I Specialize in Color Traditional, Neo-Traditional and black and grey. I focus on doing Bold, Bright and Solid tattoos. I paint and draw in different mediums but Water coloring is my favorite. I am an Artist. Cheers.

Rich Pineda: I got my start in tattooing through my friend Jeff Cooper in March of 2010. So I have been tattooing a relatively short time. I absolutely am in love with this art form over any I have done in the past. I have been getting tattooed since I was 15 and have loved it since then. I had a few friends that tattooed when I was growing up and one of them was my good friend Todd Townsend who was like a big brother to me. I always admired what a great artist he was as I was an artist myself and appreciated good work. I never thought that years later I would be a tattoo artist as well.

With Integrity, iron will and perseverance, Ryan Mullins is taking the scene by storm . Tattooing only since 2010 he has already inspired and motivated Tattooer’s and Painters from around the globe. Living a drug free Straight Edge lifestyle his hard work and dedication to his art is definitely reflected in the amazing drawings and paintings that he produces. Tattooing has become a rite of passage to him and become second nature; he strives for excellence and puts 100% into everything he creates. The heart of a lion and his positive attitude has already makes him one of the elite group of artist that will surely influence many for years to come.

Freddy Negrete was incarcerated in the CA Correctional system for most of his teen years. While imprisoned, he began to apply considerable drawing skills to tattooing other inmates, using hand poke or home-made tattoo machines fashioned from cassette player motors, guitar strings and batteries. Upon release he became the first professional Chicano tattoo artist. Freddy also featured in the movie Tattoo Nation.

JJ Sawyer: Owner of the Players Club Tattoo Parlor in Huntington Beach, CA.

Isaiah Negrete: Son to Freddy Negrete, works at Shamrock Social Club in Hollywood, CA.

Tattoo ISH: born on a small Island in the Caribbean called Curacao. This Island is part of the Netherlands Antilles, which is a Dutch Colony from the country Holland. Only have a couple years under his belt; ISH is a self-taught Artist. His Artistic Foundation transcends from various forms of Education, Culinary Arts, Architecture education, Surreal Art, Digital Art, Airbrushing and many more. Ish has also studied the techniques of Salvador Dali, Rembrandt, DaVinci and Micheal Angelo among many others. For now his true calling lies in the Art of Tattooing. Ish Specializes in realism, either color or Black and Grey. Most of his work is custom, freehand and involves a lot of preparation by the Collectors part and by ISH, as he calls it a “Collaboration by the Individuals involved”

Lyle Tuttle: started tattooing in 1949, at 17 years of age. He is commonly credited with introducing the art to the mainstream and helping legitimize it as an art form. Tuttle got his first tattoo when he was 14, a heart with the word “Mother”. Lyle Tuttle Tattoos, the shop he ran in San Francisco for 30 years, welcomed thousands of clients over the course of its existence. Tuttle effectively retired from tattooing 15 years ago, but he can still be found at tattoo conventions around the world, giving seminars and telling his fantastic stories wherever he goes.

Symbeos Rotary Tattoo Machines: Ready for Anything!

Three great artists. Three different styles. One adaptable machine.

We invited tattoo artists Simon Golygowski, Jessica Wright, and Travis Greenough to Eikon HQ to tattoo with their Symbeos rotary machines and help us show the quality and diversity of tattoos being done with Symbeos. As you will see in the video, Symbeos is ready for anything!

To learn more about Symbeos visit

Thanks to Simon, Jessica, & Travis for the support and for making this video possible.

To check out more of the artists’ work:

Simon Golygowski (@dadahell):
Jessica Wright (@jackassica):
Travis Greenough (@travisgreenough):!travis/c199t

Shot and edited by Alan Dawe (@alandawe) –

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