Kevin Gates – Tattoo Session

Kevin Gates - Tattoo Session

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Tribal Tattoo Cover-up | One Session | Salvation Tattoo Studio

Following on from a video earlier this year where I had my first laser session on an old tribal tattoo, I decided to go straight in with a full cover up tattoo.

I went to a tattoo studio called Salvation Tattoo in Knutsford, and had a full day session from 10am to 8pm where they managed to completely cover the tattoo. I will need to go back for a 2nd pass in approx 6 weeks time to finalise some of the details, but overall I’m really pleased with the results. I’ll be going back for the second arm later this year!

EDIT: I’m getting a lot of people asking about the tattoo artist. His name is Sebastian, and he primarily works out of Revival Tattoo in Blackpool, however Salvation Tattoo in Knutsford is part of the same group of studios. I believe he can be booked out of a few different locations including Blackpool, Wigan and Knutsford – so quite a few locations in the North West.

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Island TAT Session

My oldest son gets his first polynesian tattoo so gotta make sure it’s done by the best. Joshawa Elsas and the team at Island Tat are the official tattoo and clothing designers of the Kingdom of Atooi with clientele ranging from NFL players, UFC fighters, Hollywood actors, Chief’s and the Prime Minister of Rapa Nui to name a few.

Visit Island TAT:
7912 Lester Ave. Unit A
Lemon Grove, ca. 91945
(619) 469-1583

Tattoo Removal Session #6 | How to Remove a Dumb Tattoo

Tattoo Removal Session #1 and Consultation:
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In this video men’s style, fitness, grooming and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of and, takes you along as he goes to have his sixth laser tattoo removal session. Ever want to have your tattoo removed? This video will show you how to have your tattoo removed with the help of a laser. Laser tattoo session.

Aaron Marino of alpha m. says that tattoos that show a lack of judgment or taste can scar you for the rest of your life … unless you do something about it.

Alpha has been going through a series of laser treatments to remove his moon and bumblebee tattoos. Each session, the tattoos are lighter but not gone. They are less noticeable but still there a little bit. The process will take Alpha about 2-years because he hasn’t been super diligent. He could have knocked it out in a year.

Alpha has his tattoos photographed to show the progress of the treatments. He displays the results so far. He discusses the pain, which he states the procedure is painful. He says you can deal with the pain and it’s worth it. The skin bubbles after the treatment, then it’s painful for about a week thereafter.
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Flame tattoo – Session 1: Edges & Shadows

Tattoo Realizado por Fernando Sarmiento de Tattoomania (Av. Rivadavia 6733 Local 49, Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Este video es el resultado de la primer sesion. se trabajaron los contornos y el sombreado de las llamas, las mismas llevan un coloreado en la sesion 2.


Tattoo Done by Fernando Sarmiento of Tattoomania (Av. Rivadavia 6733 Local 49, Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

This video is the result of the first session. were worked contours and shading of the flames, they carry a dyed in the session 2.
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