Dream Catcher by Josh – Kash’s Tattoo Studio

This is a dream catcher I did mid Feb. 2013. I used a cheap knock-off of the Aaron Cain “Auto-Loader” machine I got from Amazon….I know it sucks to use knock-offs from china but it’s the first machine I ever owned/used/tuned and sometimes I just want to break it out and reminisce. I a 5RND liner for the outline and 17M bugpin from mithra for the shading. Fusion black pigment with distilled water was used for the outline and wash.

-Josh Valdez

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Tattoo Kits from LA-tattoo-shop in the work in a tattoo studio “Friendship tattoos”

Tattoo Kits from LA-tattoo-shop in the work in a tattoo studio

Works were carried out on induction tattoo machines – liner 11-18rl (Maxim Zhuravlev), as well as on the rotor to dot work, and a power supply for a tattoo machine G105 and two tattoo machines G107 (Leonid Gayko).
Masters noted the ease of tattoo machines, the quality of the lines, ease of use and insignificant paint consumption, power supply units showed stable performance throughout the session, four hours was to complete five works with drawing lines and dot work
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Manga Studio Webinar: Digital Tattoo Design with Russ Abbott

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Discover why Manga Studio/Clip Studio Paint has become an invaluable tool for tattoo artists worldwide! Join Russ Abbott, tattoo artist and owner of Ink & Dagger Tattoo Studio in Roswell, GA in this 1-hour webinar where he will give you an insight into his workflow for creating a typical tattoo design using Manga Studio/Clip Studio Paint. Russ will show you how to get started on the actual tattoo faster and at a higher level of preparation than the non-digital design process. He will cover topics including importing and arranging references, initial sketching, line work, quick value study and a quick method for coloring designs. Learn from a pro and get your questions answered in this information packed webinar!

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“Thanks for attending the Digital Tattoo Design with Manga Studio webinar! I really appreciate you taking time out of your day to see how I work. I have another FREE GIFT for you. If you subscribe to my email list, I will give you a step-by-step guide to creating your very own snake scale brush. This is a PDF that you can download and view on your phone, computer, or tablet. All you have to do is click the button below.” -Russ Abbott


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First Class Tattoo studio

Welcome to First Class tattoo studio located 52 Canal st. between Orchard and Ludlow st. in New York city. If you’re looking for a clean professional tattoo shop in NYC come see us. We tried to combine best experience with working in different tattoo studios around the world and put that all together in one shop. If you’re looking to get a tattoo we provide different varieties of styles and artists that work executing tattoos in watercolor, trash-polka, black and grey realistic, traditional and small fine line tattoos. Come see our tattoo studio in New York city and we will try our best to make your experience last forever and for you to come back again and bring your friends and loved ones in the future. Check out our website www.firstclasstattoos.com and our instagram @firstclassnyc

Script Font Tattoo By FAMILIAR STRANGERS Tattoo Studio, Singapore. 字体纹身, 新加坡.

Script Font Tattoo By Chris Corleone Of Familiar Strangers Tattoo Studio- Singapore. Please help us Share the video.

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以上是我们的驻店纹身师, 克里斯的字体纹身视频. 想在新加坡做个纹身, 请登录我们的纹身工作室的网站 http://www.familiarstrangers.info/
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